YouTube’s Bizarre Comment C̶e̶n̶s̶o̶r̶s̶h̶i̶p̶ Problem

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Ok so why are comments disabled on Odysee? I’ve seen the entire video. It sounds like a desire for control. Like how he was happy with youtube moderation tools to some extent makes it seems that having a site under complete control is preferable to Odysee which of course has limited comment moderation tools. (which they are a tiny company focused big features to improve things for now since they had to start from the ground up) Certainly it might be something else. If so let me know. You could always not read the comments there. I personally don’t see a reason to disable them one option is to ignore them.

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Quoting this :

  • On a similar note, we’ve disabled comments on Odysee. Moderation tools on Odysee are less powerful than YouTube’s, and the level of toxicity & time required to manage the platform is not something we can justify. Again, more time! (aka, more content!) -
    • A few people have asked why we moderate comments in the first place. Put simply, we believe privacy & security is for everyone. When our videos are published along with hate speech, racial slurs, and other off-putting nonsense - it associates privacy with extremism, which is not what we want to be associated with. Privacy is for everyone, not just assholes.

Imagine a browser extension that would let you leave a comment on every URL, not just pages to YouTube videos. No need for a Google account to comment on a YouTube video, and no need to leave the website since it’s a browser extension. Impossible to moderate such a thing, though, right? Not if it had an effective user reputation system built into it and the community had the tools to moderate itself. If that sounds too radical, another approach would be the owner of the URL could cryptographically sign some kind of proof they control the content at that URL (e.g. the proof could be put into the description of a YouTube video) and the URL owner now has full control over comment moderation. Throw in some computationally expensive but still practical proof of work algorithm required to leave a comment as a first layer of defense against spam. Second layer of defense is heuristically flagging possible spam. Final layer of defense is the community’s own consensus (upvotes/downvotes).

I think similar tools exist, but I don’t know any that are privacy friendly. I thing a bunch of creator controller platforms+rss are the best solution we have.

My experience with this is being shadow-banned in a creator’s stream but being able to comment in their videos. I don’t know if I am banned in all streams. I was surprised when the creator said they had zero moderation in their stream (small community) and that they where sorry but don’t know how to fix it.

So kinda like dissenter extension. Which existed and technically if you track down copies of the dissenter browser still does exist. ITs really interesting. As for things that aren’t dead projects yea that would be cool. There are services that websites can choose to add them to host their comments. But those have a TOS that is often more restrictive than the pro-free speech bitchute TOS is for example. Those are cool though since it is a cross side service, but only sties that choose to use it. So if one of those was pro-free speech that would be cool.

So basically it is in fact image control. Which many people and companies do. But its a choice that people don’t always agree with. Basically to make to the privacy community looker nicer. To control the perception within your garden. That’s fine its the sort of the thing that I don’t fully agree with. Or at least in theory I take issue with it perhaps in practice it turns out to not be so bad. Hard to say. Hate speech is an overused term FYI. Of course this isn’t to say your not allowed to. Moderating your own comments the way you want is perfectly reasonable. Of course I’m sure you can create bad press if you are a massive tyrant about it (which some people do things like that). I am typically skeptical of people who use terms like hate speech. Sounds like a woke person speaking. Sure slurs and open racism and other such things being deleted seems reasonable. But throwing in hate speech is something that makes me skeptical. Hate speech is an umbrella term for ideas the person reading them deams hateful. And its the “justification” given for many youtube channels being banned. (This channel was removed for hate speech. ) That kind of thing.

LMAO the video ends with “Good luck leaving your comments down below”
…i scroll down

“The creator of this content has disabled comments.”

…oh yeah i’m watching on odysee

I tried commenting this on youtube by changing the persons name but still making it recognizable but no dice. The name Eric Ciaramella is like Lord Voldemort, it will always get deleted on youtube AND facebook instantely