Your Right to Mental Privacy in the Age of Brain-Sensing Tech | Nita Farahany | TED


This is the first video I have watched in the Forum video player and the first time I have heard of wearable tattoos.

One feature I thought was cool was the sleep tracking of smart watches. I no longer use a smart watch. With more feedback that would be useful to make beneficial decisions would be interesting.

This video reminds me. “With great power comes great responsibility”

This presentation is in itself mental manipulation.

Nita Farahany condenses here in 14 minutes several core failed & delusional narratives that have fed the transhumanist networks, and more globally the Silicon Valley mindset:

  • “technological advancements are a-political and a-moral, only the decisions we adopt as a society will shape their impacts on us”;

  • “we are actually able to make those decisions, through institutions that are (of course) democratic, like the United Nations & the UNESCO, and the legal provisions potentially included in conventions and treaties WILL protect our rights”;

  • more fundamentally: “humanity is poised to reach a stage where perfect health will be our day-to-day reality, and all illnesses - in fact, all human imperfections - will be predicted and prevented”.

If there’s one thing that the current disaster of “digital rights” and electronic privacy evidences, it’s the complete negation in practice of individual freedom in societies (and cultures) run by corporate utopias, usually with States designing laws to fit those utopias.

We’ll preserve our mental privacy if we unite to prevent companies to create that tech, or at the very least, if we massively boycott them.