You May Know My Name, But You Know Almost Nothing Beyond That

You only know what I look like and my name, but nothing else. My addresses, where I went to school, where I work, my relatives/intimate life. Mention my name to the city I am from and you get nothing but a shrug.

The above scenario of an ultra-tiny attack surface would not be anonymity due to you knowing my name. But what kind of privacy is this called? Or is it simply a part of privacy?

I think that’s just privacy. Knowing your face and your name has huge implications and are not easily changed. Sure, you may do things online under an alias, but that alias is matched with your face and your name, you’re caught. The rest of the statement talking about other details sounds really tough to confirm.

With anonymity, the idea is that you haven’t shared anything personally identifiable. If someone leaves an anonymous comment with a suggestion, for example, you as the receiver have no idea who sent that comment. If I know your face and your name, I may not be able to find you, but I can identify you.