You Can't Avoid X(Twitter)!

I know lot of you guys are using Twitter. We all know it’s a privacy invasive platform and became a nightmare for open internet after being walled garden. But you can’t avoid it as many brands (even privacy ones), officials, privacy advocates are regularly using, promoting, announcing latest stuffs.

So, what do you think about that?

What are you doing to beat the algorithm.

And how do you use it maintaining all the privacy rules of your own?

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It’s prefect possible to ditch X

  • many Brands (especially privacy ones) have Mastodon (Bitwarden, Tor, IVPN, Privacy Guides, Tutanota, Proton, Mozilla, Signal, BBC, …)
  • and many more Brands have their own news site and to give you the most random example here is Walmart News
  • you can also use news sites like or any other depending on the topic
  • there are even podcasts that cover news if that’s more your style

and you can follow pretty much all of those via RSS (I personally think that if you’re planning to use an RSS reader on your phone that options like Feeder | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository kinda suck and I’d go with something cloud based that automatically fetches everything every hours or so (selfhosted preferred))


Which RSS service & reader app do you use? Tried more than 100. Nothing suits.

i used to use and currently im using s selfhosted instance of

As far as I’m aware, Nitter still works which is what I use to check on artists I like. Other than that I don’t use Twitter and actively try to avoid it as much as I can. If I want news, I go to websites I trust and read articles from them.

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Some things I did:

  1. Keep it in your browser
  2. Disable the superficial opt-outs in your settings
  3. Use a browser with privacy protections in place (Firefox/Brave/etc.)
  4. Use a browser with an ad-blocker (Brave) or install uBO
  5. Use the ‘for you’ tab to avoid the algorithm and get a chronological timeline
  6. I personally used the dropper tool in Brave Shields (also available in uBO) to remove certain page elements like the ‘you should follow’ and the trending sections.
  7. Alias info

I think it’s perfectly possible to completely ditch X/Twitter. I used it for about 10 mins, years ago, and haven’t touched it since. It’s that easy for me. They’re completely blocked, at my browser, DNS, and router levels. In fact, looking at statistics, Twitter is nowhere near as big as the average Twitter user thinks it actually is.

As for companies presence on the platform, that’s kinda to be expected… or should I say WAS kinda expected prior to Musk. They’re on that platform for publicity reasons, to try and get to folks who’s yet to find out that Google Chrome is a bad idea.

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Could you share what instance you use? The instances I use for nitter all don’t seem to work anymore, at least the website loads, but when I go to search for a username it says “none found”. :frowning_face:

This is the instance I’ve been using, well since I’ve first heard of Nitter. The only time I run into issues is when Twitter does something and a report is made on Nitter’s Github Repo about it.

Thank you very much! It doesn’t seem to load for me, may be something to do with my location or something. I appreciate you sharing it with me!

Its been 10 years since I delete all of my social media. I do make some accounts on some fediverse project but its just same and i don’t like it, then I delete it. For local news, people will talk about it at the office so I just open my browser and reads everything.
Now i’m still alive and healthy. But most of my friends thinking I was die since since I don’t have any social media.

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I’m avoiding it just fine. I’ve added everything from “brand x” to both my UBO rules and my NextDNS denylist then complain about how every elected official is still giving their personal information to Elmo.


I don’t have a public presence. I’m not on twitter. Stupid algorithm and a waste of time. Major privacy advocates use it for reach but not everyone needs to use it.

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I’ll join with everyone else and say I don’t have an account and don’t plan on it and seem to be getting along just fine. I do have a FB account not tied to my name, only used it for searching on Marketplace and expect to be deleting it here shortly.

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Simple. I don’t use it. I used to selfhost my own Nitter instance but after the changes breaking it, I simply stopped using it for updates on accounts. Sure it sucks, but it’s something I’m just accepting. The official instance still works, but the fixes being tested and worked on are not totally reliable just yet. There’s no guarantee it will ever work as well as it did in the past. Usually, privacy advocates and activists and such who are actually worth listening to will have a mastodon or other fediverse account that people can follow. I follow those instead.

I use Squawker which works fine.