Xubuntu runs really well on old Macbook Air!

This isn’t really a big discussion, but just wanted to share here that if you have an old MacBook Air (mine is 2013), it can get a second life with Xubuntu.

I have really had headaches with Linux on Mac in the past, and so I was quite reluctant to try this tip, but this was as easy and painless as installing Ubuntu on a Thinkpad!

It runs really fast again, and the selection of apps that comes with the OS are well chosen, in my opinion.

It feels neat to have a really light, small Linux hardware device like that.

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The Fedora user in me feels the strong urge to point out that Fedora Xfce exists.

I’m a big fan of repurposing older machines with Linux though! I just installed Linux on my old Cr-48 for fun, and now I have a laptop for distraction-free writing (since it can’t handle too much else lol) :+1:


My work laptop is kinda just a permanent potato I leave at work. If it is lost its no loss. I run Lubuntu as it is light weight and it just works as well as anything on Ubuntu.

Do you think that would work on a MacBook Air? I’ve spent ages testing out distros on an older (white) MacBook years ago, so I was really pleased Xubuntu just worked right away.

I could test Fedora Xfce on a usb on the MacBook.

Fedora’s always worked better on Apple hardware than Ubuntu in my personal experience. I haven’t used an Intel Mac in almost 3 years though.