World End/Apocalypse/Fallout- IT GEAR

The World Got Blown To Pieces, You Are One Of The Many Survivors Left

Tech, Education and Science is starting to crumble. What Apocalypse IT related gear would you get for yourself to solve & progress?


  • 1 laptop of any choice
  • 1 operating system of any choice
  • 2 books of any choice
  • No internet (unless you re-invent it)
  • power/electricity works in some areas
  • 1 any small electronic that can fit inside your pocket

How would you use them?

Currently a MacBook with as much knowledge stored on it as possible.
Generally the following: Survival (what plants are edible?), medicine and so on. Knowledge about building small houses (well safe places to stay) would be next. Then about crops until we arrive at a point where every basic need is met. No games btw.

This is harder. One to use, one to learn about?
Currently it would be MacOS, due to the laptop I take with me.

Not needed as I already have them digital and electricity is available. Well if it does not, one about wild plants in my area, another about farming. I can solve housing somehow on my own.

Assuming that electricity is available somewhere near me, a charger for my MacBook.
Otherwise something to keep me safe from wildlife, radiation or whatever is the most dangerous in the actual Apocalypse scenario I am in.

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System 76 Oryx pro maxed out storage
Slackware because you can install everything offline
Metro 2033 and Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook
Galaxy S22 Ultra because it comes in a one TB variant

I’d keep an entire offline backup of wikipedia on the laptop, and some music and tv shows like Mr robot and breaking bad for entertainment, I’d keep a c compiler and as many development libraries as I can to help me write code that could help me in the future.

Slackware because it comes with a ton of software that you can use offline

Metro 2033 cause it takes place in this time period and it’s awesome, and UALSAH because if I forget anything I can reference it

And the S22 Ultra for keeping music and stuff on, also some wikipedia articles, a compass, an offline map, and briar messenger since it works offline

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Laptop: The most souped-up Framework laptop you can buy, because of reparability
OS: Probably Arch
2 books: Effective C and Effective C++
1 small electronic: Charger for my laptop

I’ll steal Quinn’s idea of having a backup of Wikipedia and some shows. And assuming the laptop has what I have on my current one, I’d be all set for development.

Edit: My laptop would have 6TB’s of storage and 32GB’s of RAM according to

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  • Laptop: A Sega Genesis
  • Operating System: Collapse OS
  • Books: One giant roll of microfiche and a printed map to The Seed Vault
  • Internet
  • Power/Electricity works in some areas
  • Small Electronic: A hand cranked powered microfiche reader
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  • Laptop too bulky, power consuming and unnecessary. Pixel Phone is enough.
  • Android.
  • Number theory books maybe?
  • Flashlight