Windows OS privacy and security options

Has anyone checked out Tiny 11. I have an old PC running windows 8! We use this as a printer server and to handle some peripherals which I have not tried setting up on a Linux machine.

Here is a video on Tiny11 installation. I would probably try out Ventoy instead of Rufus.

Tiny 11 Is A Super Fast Stripped Down Version Of Windows 11, Needs On Only 2GB Ram! - YouTube

Tiny11 is an unofficial version of Windows, modified by some 3rd-party, which can easily include something you don’t want in it (malicious code), or unwantedly open up security holes from their modifications.

Use the Enterprise or Educational LTSC version if you want the least amount of telemetry on modern Windows.

very interesting

Be careful with a lot of these Windows spins. I’ve seen more than one laptop, with malware embedded with these spins.

Best thing to do is download the iso yourself, it’s free. Then make your own, with something like NTlite, or Wintoolkit. NTlite is the FAR better option, but it does cost.

Paying extra money to evil microsoft for LTS or Enterprise so that i can have privacy?
What a great solution zzz.

No, what you should actually do is this:
visit then use on of the pre-configured options (standard, strict or all)
Use the created script to entirely cleanup windows, it will not just uninstall but fully delete any bloatware and spyware.
Then install portmaster from which lets you control ALL CONNECTIONS of your PC.
Set the default network action to block, then everything is blocked from accessing the internet and only if you specifically allow a program to access the internet it will be able to do so.
Portmaster is a must have on windows.

As for webbrowser should use
Searchengine use bravesearch or searx

That’s the basics.
You can modify windows 10 pro to be completely private as if it was linux.
PS: you do NOT need a license for the home and pro edition. Don’t waste your money.

Ah and, always install windows OFFLINE.
If you go online with the standard windows it will phone home to microsoft as soon after you pressed the power-on button, on my windows 10 pro system right now there are ZERO connections after booting.
I deleted absolutely everything that can be deleted. The only connections that windows try to make are and and both of these are blocked in portmaster, it won’t get any cleaner.

Why exactly would I want to move from win10 LTSC to win11 in my Virtual Machine?

The things that intrigued me were windows subsystem for android and that secure hardware thing, none seems to be beneficial in a VM. Thoughts?