Windows being annoying plz help

So i have a windows 11 pc. It has recently started working slower. When i head to taskmanager i see windows going mad. I tried troubleshooting but nothings happene.,

im doing an update currently ,its been putting up a fight, but thats been tacking hours so i was wondering if i could do anything in the meantime.

The problem makes my pc crash, fps jittery and unstable, booting and loading slow. Any ideas on how to fix?

When you’re in task manager, can you see which processes are using up the most resources?
Edit: I mean after it’s done updating, you can’t do much while it’s updating.

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The update continues to fail. I cant update. As for the task manager its mainly windows services that are using resources.

Is it possible that you have a virus on ur PC or maybe messed around with Windows to prevent it from updating?

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My internet sucks so id imagine its that, howerver ive tryed to do a defender scan. My computer crashed.

Then it’s very possible it could be a virus (either that or your Windows install is really messed up). I think you should try again with the scan or maybe even try another antivirus if you have to.
In the worst case, you might have to back up all your data and reinstall Windows

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Probably my windows install.
Thanks for the help.
Ive had this problem before and my dad came around to my place and somehow fixed it, hes coming around soon so ill probably get him to help.
Thanks again.

Has your PC always run Windows 11? TBH I would consider Windows 11 beta software in its current state, it’s missing some bits and its performance is lackluster. Switching back to Windows 10 if possible might be the way to go until Windows 11 is ready.
Chris Titus has a de-bloat script for Windows 10 that might help speed it up a bit, but don’t expect any miracles.
There’s also always Linux if you haven’t looked into that already, usually gives a nice performance boost to most PCs.

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Yes, from what I hear Windows 11 should be avoided at all costs! Especially if you ever want to install Linux.

I actually have Windows 11 and Linux dual-booted (I only ever use Windows to play specific games) but I haven’t noticed anything wrong with Windows 11 and Linux. Can you explain why it’s bad to upgrade to 11?

Glad to hear that it is working for you!
Here are the videos that led to my avoidance of Win11

First this one:

Then the newer one… which lowers the intensity of the warning.

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No i started with windows 10, windows decided to delete that

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Just watched the first 8 mins of the first video and I am happy that I didn’t get a stroke. It’s utter nonsense. The benefits of secure boot and TPMs outweigh the negatives by far. It’s a shame that most Linux distros still don’t properly support secure boot. This is security technology from 10 years ago and it’s still not adopted. And that ain’t Microsoft’s fault. Microsoft finally pushing for more hardware security standards is a good thing and it’s long overdue, especially compared to Android, iOS and Mac who are still many years in front of hardware security. That you can’t use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account is also not true.

To each their own. I don’t really have the time to learn linux, yet my experience with windows is so horrid that I am forced to. Anyway, do you deny that Microsoft can and will use this tech to keep their control over the hardware that it is installed on?

Wasn’t secure boot required since Windows 10 tho? Also when I got 11 I didn’t need to have any TPMs, I just used an older version of Rufus to modify the Windows install so I could bypass the requirement.