Will Windows 11 force me to sign in to a Microsoft Account?

Hi guys, as Windows 11 22H2 recently came out, and Windows forces you to sign in to a Microsoft when freshly installing it, I was wondering: Will it also force me to sign in to a Microsoft account when upgrading? I have Windows 11 Pro.

If you disconnect your WiFi at the start of the setup or skip the step which connects you to a network, it will not prompt you for a Microsoft account.

Okay, I will try.

I now tried to install it via Windows Update, it won’t (The download wouldn’t stop)… Guess it’s now time for me to finally switch to Linux (I was dual booting already anyway).

Which distro are you using?

MicroSoft now requires you to create a MS account, if you’re using a fresh install. This can be avoided. Here is what I wrote earlier, on another post:

If you’re just updating, from the Settings panel, I don’t think it should force you. I haven’t heard that it does, anyway. If I’m wrong, and it asks for one, does it go to the original setup process (as if you’re doing a fresh install)? If so, the above should still work.

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I actually did the update, it worked without an MS account, I had the ethernet cable disconnected just in case.

I’m using Fedora.