Will Techlore's consulting/coaching ever return?

Will Techlore’s consulting/coaching ever return?


Coaching is very fun & rewarding, but challenging! Sadly, it’s difficult to scale and justify the time requirement without charging a huge amount of money - which I struggle to do for the service. Charging a lot feels unfair to clients, and charging too little feels unfair to myself & my team. (It takes away time from things that pay the bills better and allow us to bring privacy to more people - ex. our videos)

It’s ultimately a scaling/logistics issue and we haven’t quite decided if it’s one we want to tackle. We are exploring Creator-specific coaching at the moment, but right now no updates on a formal, public coaching service like we used to offer. But there will surely be PSAs about it if we decide to continue the program.

Just want to outline that Nate from The New Oil offers a similar service as we used to. If anyone is looking into this.


That’s understandable Henry. Thanks for your reply!

Quick question, is your name really Henry? Or is it your pseudonym?

I’m not sure if someone on a privacy forum will answer if it’s a real name or a pseudonym :wink:
In the end it does not matter.

If someone is looking for coaching or service for privacy service or answering questions I also know a company who can handle that.

What company do you mean?

I wasn’t name calling as I don’t know if @Henry likes it or not if other companies are recommended here.

How dare you!? :smile:

You could maybe send me a dm? I don’t think Henry cares though you won’t randomly get banned here