[Wiki ] Best way to convince people to be on Signal

1. Online

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1.1 Without friends related

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Ways to advertise Signal

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Directly ask them to install and use Signal :

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Let’s switch to Signal: https://signal.org/install

Or you can even use the following link so it’s easier for them to directly message you with

Let’s switch to Signal: https://signal.me/#p/+15555555555

Use the about in WhatsApp to talk about Signal

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  • Hey there, I’m also on Signal
  • Only available on Signal
  • Free beer if you install Signal :beers:
  • If you install Signal, free beer for you :beers:
  • Hey you ! :face_with_monocle: Signal > WhatsApp :triumph:
  • Hey you ! :face_with_monocle: What are you doing on WhatsApp ? Use Signal instead :triumph:
  • Hey you ! :face_with_monocle: Signal >> Redirecting... > WhatsApp :fire:
  • “Use Signal” Elon Musk
  • “Use Signal” Edward snowden
  • “I use Signal everyday” Edward Snowden :100::100:
  • “I use Signal.org everyday” Edward Snowden :100::100:
  • Hey !! I respond faster on Signal than on WhatsApp
  • Message me on Signal for a faster response :ghost:
  • Signal >> Redirecting... :fire:
  • Signal​:zap: > WhatsApp :put_litter_in_its_place:
  • Signal.org​:zap: > WhatsApp :put_litter_in_its_place:
  • Hey ! Try to use Signal, it only takes 2 minutes :innocent:
  • Hey ! Use signal, It’s like whatsAapp but blue
  • Message me on Signal, not WhatsApp
  • Will delete WhatsApp in several weeks, will be only on Signal
  • Thanks for being a product of Facebook by using WhatsApp and for sharing your precious data :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • Don’t use Signal, it’s too good for you
  • What is 6 letter and start with an S_ _ _ _ _ ?

One letter a day on your profil picture

You can change your profil picture to a specific letter or use you current normal profil picture and add the letters on top of it

Day 1 → S
Day 2 → I
Day 3 → G
Day 4 → N
Day 5 → A
Day 6 → L

Some Tricks

Use the about in WhatsApp to offer a drink if they install Signal
The other person maybe has never heard of Signal before, you need to compare it to WhatsApp so, they can understand quicly that it’s an alternative to WhatsApp
Can use some provocation
Use some biais, (Ex : don’t use something, and they will want to use it)

Use a profil picture with the signal logo on Whatsapp and others

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signal-2021-12-21-00-30-42-345 (1)
signal-2021-12-21-00-30-42-345 (1) (1)
signal-2021-12-21-00-30-42-345 (2)
signal-2021-12-21-04-59-36-978  (2)

Use the status in WhatsApp to put picture/infography about Signal/privacy

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Made this during the privacy policy fiasco earlier this year, but never hung it up and then forgot about it. Maybe somebody here can make use of it. Modify the text to your liking.

Use an auto responder for WhatsApp and facebook messenger

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Works on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger but not on WhatsApp business

To get Watomatic : Watomatic - Auto Reply For WhatsApp | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository





Use an SMS auto responder

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On Google play (Need to pay) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heavenecom.smartscheduler

On F-Droid Auto-Away (Last update 2017) : Auto-Away | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Put a Signal watermarks on picture you send to your friends on WhatsApp…

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Use Signal to edit pictures

The best app to add a watermark with a lot of option
Only availabble on google play



Easy Watermark


Create stickers on whatapps about privacy/signal related stickers


To easily create stickers on your android phone, couldn’t find one open-source, but found one that doesn’t require internet, no weird permissions, no trackers, no ads :



How to use it

You just need to create a folder and have all of your images in a png/webp format
On your android file manager you can rename them one by one by changing the extension file

Faster way to rename all your file

On linux you can change all of your images extension with this one command line

find . -name "*.jpg" -exec mogrify -format png {} \;

Use non-privacy stickers on WhatsApp to still promote Signal

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On normal stickers, you can put a watermarks and send them to your friends
Also you can give a name to the sticker, so you can just name something like ¨install Signal¨

Signal Stickers

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Talk to your friend about all the stickers there is that they can find with the following website https://signalstickers.com/
https://signal-stickers.github.io/ Stickers Cloud - Create, Explore & Share Stickers!

  • Badly crop on purpose some stickers from Signal that are amazing and correspond to the current situation/conversation, and make them aware they are from signal app but without forcing the other persone to install it or whatever
  • Show them one sticker pack that they would like one the website, and take a screenshoot from it with a link
  • Create stickers of stuff they likes/have interest in, and if it it’s possible, publish it on https://signalstickers.com/
  • Convert all the sticker that are on Whatsapp into a stickers packs for each of you friends, so once they are on Signal, they are not missing it.

Screenshot trick

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Take screenshot of somethings outside of Signal on your phone like a cute cat, a meme … But where you can this the Signal bubble on and send it to your friends. and where you have Signal notification in the notification bar

  • Use friends/groups with funny/intresting group!profil pictures to get more interest from the Signal Bubble

Take a screenshot of some conversation you are having with someone like a joke, something about work inside Signal to your friends


Use WhatsApp Buissness

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You can also use the WhatsApp Business application which is free, in which you will a more complete profile where you can advise people to use Signal. WhatsApo Buissness give you the opportunity to put

The other peoples will see a bit different interface with you

→ it will showed 'Buisiness account¨
→ A new button will be added to acces to your store
→ Video and picture button are now the same


When you use WhatsApp Business, it will automatically transfers videos/pictures/messages/stickers from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business, you can delete after the normal WhatsApp

You can also now with WhatsApp buissness send items and your profil as a message


Use auto-reply (Away message) on WhatsApp Buissness

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A message will be send once every 24 hours when someone send you a message


Use Products on WhatsApp Buissness

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Ways to make messaging you harder on WhatsApp & co

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Cut the internet connection of WhatsApp & co (Open or in backgroud)

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You can cut the internet connection of WhatsApp & co, for that you can use android permission or NetGuard or even some VPN can do that

Network Android Permission on GrapheneOS

Your friend will notice that you do not receive messages, theirs messages will have only one tick, It’s a good trick because it’s visual, they can see it, you don’t disrespect them and they will not hate you because you didn’t answer as you never technically received the message, but still they will get frustrated,
it’s a good way to introduce to get their attention and a good way to say that you prefer to use Signal afterward.


Cut the internet/don’t receive notification when the application is in background only (Internet/notification works again when the app is open)

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Click on restricted

Disable background data

Make it so you it doesnt work to video call you with WhatsApp, so the other person has to use Signal instead

How ?

For that you need to enable sensors off on android :


How to Turn Off All Sensors on Android Using Quick Settings Tile

You can make and answer video calls and calls but the other person will not be able to see a black scream from your camera and will not hear anything, you can say thats it’s weird, whats app is broken or something, and the other person will then have to install and use Signal to video call you.
Once on Signal, you will have to disable sensors off

Don´t show to other your profil picture on WhatsApp temporarily

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Some people have an understand and behavior of WhatsApp with years of using, when someone will suddently not have a profil picture, it can mean several thinks, that¨s your are not in the contact list anymore, the other person has change of phone, but your contact is not in the new contact list. They will wonder if it¨s only for them or not … This situation add them a lot of questions and can a bit of anxiety, and frustration. And to end this frustration in mind, it will be easier in mind to install and use Signal next time you talk about it

Last seen ¨off¨ and Reads receipts ¨off¨ on WhatsApp

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You can turn off last seen and Reads receipts off, that¨s something that will make the other person having a conversation experience different, and they will realize it, itś will differentiate yourself from others people, they will understand that you care a bit for privacy without telling them anything
So each time they are sending messages, they will see it and think about it as it’s not common for people to do that on WhatsApp


Last seen ¨on¨ and cut the internet connection on WhatsApp

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You can combine two things, while turning on the last seen on WhatsApp, cut the internet connection off WhatsApp. It¨s a direct proof to show to others that you don´t go often on WhatsApp when they will wait a message from you. They will see two things, first Last connection 2/4/6 … days ago and theirs messages will have only one tick


Use labels on WhatsApp Buissness

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You can assign on each conversation a label so it’s easier for you to remember what the current situation about Signal for each people you talked too

Some ideas :

2. With friends related

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Create groups on Signal for normal discussion

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With your friend on Signal, try to create different group for different reason (meme, school, just normal discussion)

  • Make it aware to them that those group exist by sending picture of conversation part where you can say ‘Look what X said and what Y respond lol’, if they send a picture/meme inside the group take a screenshot of it and send them to them
  • Tried afterward to invite the one that are not on Signal by sending them a link, but also with a screenshot showing part of the group of the conversation and the people inside it, so they are more likely to join the group

Create groups on Signal for event

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Create group event to go out like : cinema for november, organise

  • The bigger the number of people in the group, the better it is as it would be harder to switch on other platform
  • Talk about it to some of your friend that are not on Signal
  • After sometime, talk about the group on Signal if they ask too much question how the event, tell them to join the group, that i would be easier. So send a link with a screenshot to make it real because a link doesn’t mean much
  • Would be surprise as how many people will install Signal to get into that group without questioning and you can now create group with the new one on Signal to get common friend on it that are not on Signal yet

Immoral trick with a fake group

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If you don’t have friends on Signal, have two or three others phones numbers, create signal account with them and join them in an common group. from here you can invite your friends for a pretext like a cinema or whatever that will of course not happen, but it can help them be on Signal.

2. While you meet people that don’t have Signal

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2.1 Before meeting them

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Activate the bubble notification

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Use the bubble notification, so that even if you don’t use Signal in front of them, when you want to show something on YouTube/Google map/Browser … they will see the signal logo all the time

Bigger interface

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Make the Signal interface bigger so its easier to read from far away


Change the language

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Put Signal in the language your friends are the most comfortable with so its easier for them to quickly understand the application when they will see the interface while using it in front of them if they look at it


Have you favorite signal stickers prepared depending of what your friend like (Animal, meme, sports … ) so when you send messages you use them in front of them

Put your phone on for “wake screen for notification” in settings, also enable in Signal repeat notification to 10, so you have a lot of notification from signal that will pop-up and light on your screen on your phone, put your phone in a way where they will see the the signal notification when they will appear.

Use the shortcut of Signal on the home screen

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Add some shortcut conversation, especially the one with funny name or picture so its easier to start a conversation about it



Wallpaper on conversations

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Use for each 1:1 conversation or group on Signal a different wallpaper so that it will catch some eyes, and from it you can start a conversation where you can easily transition to Signal eye but that are different depending of the, moreover the your friend will get interest in. If you have a group for partying, put a wallpaper about it or something that is relatable to your friends …


Hide/Disable WhatsApp / WhatsApp Busines & co of your phone

Why hiding or disable WhatsApp & co ?
  • So you can fake that you don’t have anymore WhatsApp in front of people buy showing them the list of your application, so they will fell more obligated to use Signal in return

  • So you on purpose take time to reply on WhatsApp because you will yourself not remember that you have WhatsApp because it’s disable/hidden

How to do that ?

1. With a launcher

On android you can have a app launcher where you can in the settings hide some of your application, so you can hide WhatsApp & co


Where to find some open source launcher : F-Droid Search: launcher

2. With the work profile of android

You can put WhatsApp & co in work profile so you can disable and enable your work profile when you want, you can also use Shelter as it’s easier to use

Shelter on F-droid : Shelter | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


“Shelter is a Free and Open-Source (FOSS) app that leverages the “Work Profile” feature of Android to provide an isolated space that you can install or clone apps into.”

2. With the android permissions

In android permission of applications, you can disable any application and enable it again without losing your data (Only available on Graphene OS ?)

Send messages to people on Signal

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Answer to a lot of people before meeting the people you are trying to get into signal, so that your friends on Signal will answer when you are with him/her, you will receive a lot of signal notifications, its a good way to make Signal an important application that they are missing, also that people are using it “a lot”

Reduce the amount of notification of other messaging app

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Reduce the amount of notification of other messaging app all like telegram or Whatsapp, so Signal on your screen with your friend will look like “the big thing they are missing” without even mentioning a word about Signal

A signal group in WhatsApp

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Create a group alone on WhatsApp, and name it Signal and put the Signal logo on it

  • Or name Note to myself but still with the Signal logo
  • Pin it on top


2.2 During meeting them

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Make your friend thinks that your WhatsApp application is not working well

Why ?

It’s easier to ask to people to use something else such as Signal if they see that the application don’t actually work, for them it’s not a personnel chose but a technical issue, it’s not your fault.

The advantages of that is that you don’t have to say why you don’t wan to really use WhatsApp and only want to use Signal, you don’t have to debate about it, the other person doesn’t feel like you are trying to force him/her to install Signal.

How ?

Cut the internet for WhatsApp

You cut internet to WhatsApp and on your screen your archive recent conversation, so it looks like you didnt use WhatsApp for weeks. When you are with someone that you are about to exchange numbers with, you can show them that it doesn’t work for you, they will try.

You can add that if it’s your phone is old, with a lot of bug, you can’t install all the application you want, for now just Signal work, you will reset your phone soon, it start happening recently and you didnt have time to fixe it yet. You did an update of your phone, and it broke everything for some reasons.

Make WhatsApp not responding/Crashing

I didn’t find a way yet, but make WhatsApp not responding/Crash would be better than cutter the internet of the application

Maybe with just a fake application with whatsApp logo with no code that would just close after opening it

Create a fake WhatsApp application that is crashing when openin

Download android studio :

Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers
Install Android Studio on Debian 10 - Step by step guide ?
Android Studio - Fedora Project Wiki

Create a project, change the app logo

How to Change The Launcher Logo of An App in Android Studio


Change the name

How to Change an Android App's Name? - GeeksforGeeks

Change package name

How to Change an Android App's Name? - GeeksforGeeks

Make them think that because you don’t receive SMS, you cannot use WhatsApp to log in

Make your friend thinks that your SMS application is not working well either

Why ?

Like to whycut the internet for WhatsApp, people will think it’s not your fault, you don’t have to debate to why to don’t want to use SMS as a way of communication with the other people

How ?

Make Signal the default message application and activate

Step 1

In Settings → Apps > Default Apps → SMS App


And then you remove SMS permissions for Signal And turn it off


The other person will try then to send you an SMS, but you will not receive anything

You can say that calls still work but not SMS.

Step 2 Make SMS message not working

And to make things even more believable, you can use the following application Simple SMS Messenger

The first time you will open it, it will ask which SMS messenger you want by default, you still make it so Signal is by default and click and do not show again

Then from now, when you will open Simple SMS Messenger, it will close right away. Then you can show to your friends to justify that you can’t use SMS as a way of communication as it doesnt work.

Step 3

Interaction with Signal in front of your friends

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When they talk about a song/film/website what ever, dont look on internet, write it down on your personal notes on signal

  • Create a group with nobody else int it ( you cant create one person group on whastapp ), where with a specific thematic that you friend like where you takes notes inside it, for music or movies … Where you can invite them if they want to join, you can also screenshot the list to friends in the situation allows it, to make them want to join it

Create one person group on Signal ( you cant create one person group on whastapp ) so use it to things like things need to buy, and one for a to-do list and so on … use it as a pretext to use the application Signal without mentioning it

Each time you finish using the application Signal in front of them, get back to the home screen so when you need to open signal again, you need to click on the Signal logo, so they really associate the interface with the name and the logo

Message to people in Signal in front of your friend

  • Message in Signal in front of them to groups with subject they are passionate about like sport,politics with an explicit name groupe and picture
  • In front of them, message to common friend in Signal
  • Create your own stickers on Signal with your common friend with funny things/faces of each others and use them in front of the people that are not on Signal so they feel like they are missing something

Use some pretext to talk about something like vacation/a night …so you show them picture you exchange conversation with someone to show them lr a picture of a group without mentioning it whatever you have

  • You can use a pretext to show conversation and while responding to the conversation ask your friend to choose a stickers for you

If in a conversation, when someone is talking about a political subject with consequences that can related to meta/facebook/WhatsApp problematic, use it with articles ready to be shown to talk about it to so they will more easily install Signal

Depending of the relation with your friend, just take their phone will they are using it, install Signal in front of them and do the configuration quickly, if they protest, just tell them to give a try and if they don’t like it to remove in 2 weeks, from experience, they will never remove it. This technique works, as the main reason of why people will not install is because they are lazy, but if you do it for them, they will accept it.

2.3 After meeting them

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Create stickers of your friends and animals on signal with their faces

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When you meet your friends that don’t have Signal, take pictures of them so you can do later funny/interesting stickers of them on Signal

  • Also do it with animals of yours friends, try to find some picture from Instagram and others, and publish the stickers packs on https://signalstickers.com/ , they will want to share it with others peoples once on Signal and will help to get your common friend on the app

3. Techniques

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Getting people on Signal can take days/weeks/months it’s a slow process, each person is different so you will have to behave/act differently depending on that.

Pretend your phone can’t have WhatsApp

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What you can say :

Your phone is too old

Your phone has a custom rom and google play doest work so you cant install WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not able to run on this phone anymore (Because old or custom rom)

WhatsApp is crashing whem you open it

Your phone is slow, WhatsApp is too slow to be used and only Signal works (You can purpusly make your phone slow to prove it, need to find tips of how)

You only share pictures on Signal and nowhere else

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Exemple :

You will install yourself Signal for the other person

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People will be lazy to install Signal, but if you install Signal for them, they will use it with pleasure.
So before they say they will install later or no they don’t want to install, you can they you can install for them.

Print on a paper somethings related to Signal

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You can print on a paper your number with the Signal logo
You can print a meme about signal on a paper next to your numbers
You can print a meme about signal and where your number is a part of the meme

Mere exposure effect

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Some people don’t know or barely know what is Signal, you have to introduce it slowly to them

Mere-exposure effect

The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle. The effect has been demonstrated with many kinds of things, including words, Chinese characters, paintings, pictures of faces, geometric figures, and sounds. In studies of interpersonal attraction, the more often someone sees a person, the more pleasing and like Gu…

By using the mere expose effect, you can try to expose regularly the signal logo, the name and if you can the interface

Ban them on WhatsApp and SMS/Calls

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IRL, show them that you are banning them on WhatsApp and SMS, and they have to install Signal to contact you

Delete WhatsApp ?

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You can use the different WhatsApp or even WhatsApp Business functionality such as profil picture/info/status/stickers/gif/pictures about Signal so that it will promote Signal and even make them as to make them want to install Signal, a lot more than will be able to do with SMS

Use WhatsApp to destroy WhatsApp

But you can also try to say to your friend that maybe you will delete WhatsApp even if you don’t so they will want to install Signal or make them aware that you don’t like to use WhatsApp and others

You can set a deadline that you will delete it soon

New year, christmas, birthday …

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use your birthday/chrismas to ask them to install Signal as a gift they can do to you

Use new year where you can tell that one of your new year resolution will be to be more privacy focused tools, you will try to use less WhatsApp …

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Don’t hesitate to share your techniques and ways to get people to use Signal