Why use browser profiles

IDK what is the point. Does it add anything to privacy, and does it change fingerprint since each profile has it’s own extensions. Is privacy/anonymity benefits ruined by having multiple profiles open at once?

I think it helps privacy from a compartmentalization standpoint. If you have one alias that you use for big time gaming and and your real name for something professional, having separate browser profiles can separate the tracking that would pick up on the data that could be used to tie the gamer you to the professional you. But to be honest, it would be in ways I don’t totally understand through trackers and such.

Depends on the browser. On Firefox it is the best (some would say only) way to sandbox websites. Firefox didn’t really have any kind of sandbox, now it has a weak one. Using different profiles fur untrusted websites (random search results, Facebook etc) you can make tracking harder for example. This is not really the case on Chromium based browsers due to a much better sandbox.
On Chrome you can use different profiles for a “Google” and a “Non-Google” experience. Like using your Google profile only for Gmail and YouTube and using the Non-Google profile for everything else.

Other that that, it doesn’t really serve a huge purpose for most users. I for example use it to seperate private stuff from “work” stuff.

They can be useful if you need a browser extension for a specific website but don’t want it active all the time. Also useful for staying logged in to multiple accounts on a single website. As already noted, it can also be used for sandboxing website data.

Yeah on my end it’s mostly a usability feature. Profiles have separate bookmarks, extensions, cookies, history, settings, etc.

The way this looks for me is Surveillance Report has its own profile separate from the Techlore one, which is a huge convenience perk. Cycling between YouTube channels isn’t the smoothest feature, managing multiple Mastodon accounts, etc. So having a different browser profile for different use-cases can be a huge usability perk, while offering more customizability for privacy/security on a per-profile basis. You can have stricter privacy & security precautions applied on a per-profile basis, for example.

If you don’t see how profiles fits into your workflow, then they probably don’t.

Hmmm I think I can increase privacy by spreading out my extensions