🦎 Why OpenSUSE Is Awesome And You Should Give It A Try!



I drive OpenSUSE every day at work/home and wanted to share why this particular distribution is so excellent.

The OpenSUSE Community

The OpenSUSE community is by far the most heartwarming, helpful, friendly, and happy Linux community I have come across in recent years. Almost everyone to whom I had a chance of speaking, was super passionate & enthusiastic about this distribution.
I never have been a witness to OpenSUSE users considering themselves as “The Elite” unlike many inside the Arch Linux Community for example.

OpenSUSE Is A True Community-Driven Distro

OpenSUSE can take the crown for delivering what people want. I have witnessed a lot of communities complain about changes made by the developers in their favorite distro after an update. OpenSUSE delivers to user expectations and is truly community driven.

Ultra Solid, Ultra Stable, Ultra Balanced OS

Thanos would be happy. Firstly, let’s keep in mind that OpenSUSE is the second oldest actively developed Linux distribution, it has years of developing towards perfection under the hood.
By that, if you like to tinker with your OS, expect OpenSUSE not to give up on you easily. Want multiple desktop environments? Challenge it, it will not fail you.

Fun Fact: OpenSUSE Mascot Is A Chameleon Named “Geeko”, It can’t get more badass!!!

Perfect For Beginners & Advanced Geeks

OpenSUSE is super easy to install(offering a very unique and intuitive isoInstaller, different from what you usually find) and offers a great out-of-the-box experience- The support for various hardware is excellent and you won’t have to do much setting up. Advanced users might consider the distro a little bloaty due to some preinstalled programs. Luckily we can remove them very quickly using YAST, which comes down to…

YAST- The Hidden Gem Of OpenSUSE

YAST is the best control center ANY OS in the world has ever had. No arguments there. You can control everything. It allows you to configure software management, containers, services, kernels, servers, hardware, networking, and a lot more. You can say it’s around 100 different applications in a single center. Everything. YaST gives you absolute power over your openSUSE installation, be it the enterprise edition or the personal installation. Convenient and everything is in one place. It’s magic.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed & Leap

OpenSUSE comes in two versions. Tumbleweed and Leap.
Tumbleweed is a rolling release that closely follows the OpenSUSE development cycle, just like Arch or Void. It offers more “bleeding-edge” packages like Arch, but the difference is that the packages are tested, reducing the risk of breaking something*.

*If you do break something, OpenSUSE has great intuitive BTRFS image rollback tools.

Leap releases a new version once in a while on a set schedule, similar to Ubuntu and Fedora. It focuses on having stable packages, meaning you could be running slightly older versions of software. However, it is super-duper-ultra-stable because of that.

EasterEgg OpenSUSE Music Video: Can't Stop The SUSE - SUSECON 2016 Lip SYNC - YouTube :tada: :musical_note:

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What do you think about OpenSUSE? Will you give it a try? Do you have any questions? ASK!


As a Fedora user… I extend the hand of friendship. I know the two communities have overlap in software and actual contributors. Nice to see openSUSE represented!