Why nobody is talking about Brax and his Bytz Vpn?

I am wondering why Rob Braxman is not getting mentioned by anyone including Techlore, the hated one and any other privacy/security related channel like he is abandoned by the community.

Btw he made a vpn called Bytz Vpn which -again- is ignored by everyone, And the same situation for his privacy focused vpn.

Does anyone have an answer?

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Rob Braxman is notorious in the community for spreading misinformation/FUD. He often uses that to promote his products - which tend to be majorly overpriced. I’d recommend avoiding him and his recommendations.


Years ago I checked out brax forum. That space is good for that audience. I’m not saying that there is no cross over to some of the mention content creators. His subscribers seem to be more of the AM talk radio than Podcast type. I know people that I would recommend his videos to as they would be receptive. Eventually I would move them to another space.

I would personally charge a lot more than he does to sell phones with custom ROM’s. :slight_smile:

It’s probably ignored because it’s not a good VPN :person_shrugging: It’s actually on our VPN Chart if you want to see why it isn’t good. Besides these products coming from someone who has previously falsely claimed to have E2EE products (which were not!) - I’m not sure why any of this would be taken very seriously. Especially when there are already excellent tools that already exist in these categories.

IMHO, the only way these services can be sold is at the cost of making other solutions look worse than they really are, hence:

I’m in the business of spreading privacy & security to more people, not needlessly knocking on other creators & services for no reason, so I say these things not to attack Rob or his channel, but just to clear the air on why I personally believe the tools supplied are almost universally inferior to actually trusted solutions provided by services like Signal, Proton, Mullvad, IVPN, Tor Browser, TailsOS, Whonix, etc.

TLDR: They’re ignored because they probably should be by most people who are looking for more trusted solutions. But if you trust Rob and his solutions then use them.


Although I do take your point and agree that all his products have infinitely better alternatives, I don’t think my point was needlessly knocking him. He has a history for spreading misinformation - best example was given above, video titled “2FA is a big tech scam”. I do get it from your perspective of not wanting to knock a creator, but when the person can cause material harm to someone’s personal security through misinformation I think it’s worth calling them out.

@bashrc this was referring just in general to myself, I wasn’t calling you out or anything here - though I 100% see how it reads that way :stuck_out_tongue: Not the intention though! Here I added a break link to help separate the paragraph from the quote


Haha I didn’t see it as calling me out or anything, my bad for misreading.

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I completely agree with this, for the record. When we (Techlore) screw up we instantly hear about it, it’s kind of the double-edged sword of us constantly telling our audience to hold us accountable and get information from multiple sources - because we’re not perfect and shouldn’t be a sole source of information for anyone. So, good job on our community for holding us to that!

I’d in theory like to cover these issues you discuss more publicly, but it’s hard for us to do that without coming across as drama-seekers in the space just trying to get clicks by ‘attacking’ a larger YouTuber, so I really think more of this responsibility falls to people who don’t have a direct ‘conflict of interest’ with the person of question. Our approach to deal with this problem is through videos like the following: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3KeV6Ui_4CYN4Zxp5i8VAMjLubZJtyC3

This playlist goes through a lot of FUD/Misinformation spread by people. We need to make more of them because they’re fairly important in quickly debunking claims like “2FA is a scam” and what-not, without directly creating any drama.


Well said. It is definitely difficult for someone in your position, and I think you’re going about it in the right way. No need to directly name them, but address points made and prove why they’re wrong. I think that’s a major reason why Techlore is as popular as it is today.


We don’t talk about him because he is a shill who spreads fud to promote his horrible products.

i just looks for bytz vnp on the vpn chart it is horrible it is one with only crosses & a question mark for encryption

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Privacy and Security needs to be balanced with real world practicality. Even me (a privacy and security advocate) will sometimes go “Yeesh!” when watching Brax’s videos. He goes too far into the deep end of “You’ve been compromised. Everything is insecure. Wear an aluminum foil hat.

There is simply no way I can share his content with any of my friends and family. They already think I am overly cautious with regard to privacy and security – imagine if I shared his content with them! They’ll think I am as extreme as him. No thanks.

That’s why I like Techlore. The content is easy to share because the approach is almost always balanced.


Because his YouTube videos is clickbait and for all I know he probably installed spyware on his “custom phones”. And one of the twitters already leaked his end-to-end encrypted PHP forum lol.

How can you fuck up end-to-end encryption?
Leaked Documents

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I have to mention, I basically started my privacy journey when I watched few of his videos. I actually found out video about calyxos on mrwhosetheboss, then I found Rob’s channel and watched his video on protonmail (before that I already began to switch to protonmail). Then I had objections about information I had and confusion what to trust and what not to trust, because he often says in his videos that services like protonmail could easily be honey pot, and at same time the protonmail drama began (the IP address handover to court thing). I had a distrust temporarily on protonmail. So I decided to gather more information from various sources and to stop rely on only one source and that’s how I found out techlore on YouTube. Techlore has a balance and its practical for a normal person. Now I rarely watch Rob’s videos.

If I have to say something about Rob’s videos with neutrality, they are a bit on “over” side and bit impractical as @dmahtani mentioned. I checked his community brax(dot)me recently. I really felt like its not smooth experience at all. Like, UI felt old. Not sure tho as i didnt spend much time more than 15 mins. I immediately deleted it. And if you check his apps on play store, they have google analytics!! Probably these are reasons why we don’t hear about his products much on any other channel.