Why is the new version of TOR dont have UBlock?

so i just downloaded the up to date version of TOR and Ublock is no longer installed? why? is there any issue with Ublock i should know about?

Just a guess… but the plugins you have installed can be queried, so it may be that Tor is just trying to be as plain-vanilla as possible out of the box (have a less-unique fingerprint).


make sense. but wont it cuse secuirity issue that ublock used to cover?

Tor Browser never had uBlock.

I think you are taking about the tor browser shipped with Tails, which does have Ublock by default last I checked. It’s recommended that you remove it, since extensions harm your anonymity.

I probably wouldn’t remove it from Tails, you wouldn’t want to stand out from other Tails users.

I am not using Tails so…

then why do they still include noscript?

NoScript is included for when you are using Tor on the “Safest” security level where Javascript is disabled everywhere by default. It allows you to temporarily enable scripts for certain domains manually when you have to use certain websites that require Javascript to function.

No script is not a content blocker.

if you are doing that. then whats the point of putting it on “safest” to begin with.

Because there might be a need to whitelist particular domains or sites which maybe broken with the usage of No script.

Because that way you are blocking all Javascript by default everywhere and you only enable it when needed and only for certain domains. It is a whole lot better than letting your browser run Javascript by default everywhere you go.

Additionally, not all Javascript serving domains need to be whitelisted for most websites to function. In many cases, you only need to allow Javascript originating from the same domain as the website you’re visiting. That alone will prevent the vast majority of trackers from loading.

I have been using Tails more as a daily driver and setting the security to safest seems like a good plan. When a website “breaks” this gives me a moment to consider enabling Java.
I have one TailsOS with persistence and I use it to clone Tails onto cheap 8GB drives that I have designated for the true use of a unmodified Tails. I do not use these regularly.
The Tails with persistence drive, I am working on persistent configurations which breaks the security idea of tails. Accepting that these configurations are better than not using Tails, and using some other system. Using dark theme, security settings on safest, a dark reader extension for general searches and web browsing does not seem like I am causing harm at the same time I am learning how to run tails for when I feel I need to run vanilla tails for a reason.

Extensions are not plugins and can’t be queried with js. But adblocks change how the page is loaded, so it can be guessed.