Why is the German Privacy Community so huge?

I mean compared to the USA or other countries has Germany not that many people.

But if you look who hosts all the Tor Nodes or who develops the Open Source Projects then you will see that it are realy often germans.

Is it a cultural thing?


It’s probably better to wait for someone who’s better educated :slight_smile: But one thing I do know is how during WWII, Hitler used census data to help track down his targeted demographics, so the Germans have a very recent and very real example of the importance of privacy.

I found this writeup here that covers other historical incidents that likely all help shape the current German stances towards privacy.


I think the community is generally bigger in Europe, possibly down to the EU’s focus on it. That being said it is definitely even bigger in Germany and I am not entirely sure why.


As a German, I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with WW2.

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