Why Does Facebook Messenger Exist When WhatsApp Exists?

So, I use both FB Messenger and WhatsApp. FBM is for a non-profit that I volunteer in (FBM is required and I only use it for the non-profit) while WhatsApp is for interacting with friends from outside the US, as WhatsApp is the default standard there.

Though, I write in my WhatsApp bio announcing now I have proper Signal support, describing Signal as an excellent addition to WhatsApp. So go figure.

Between the two, I am partial towards WhatsApp more. The app is more stable, even though it’s highly imperfect here, at least privacy and security standards on WhatsApp appear to be better than on Facebook Messenger. I am having issues with FBM not rendering images properly all the time. And I really don’t like the FB account requirement. I never posted, commented, or interacted with anyone on my FB account.

This raises a question: why does Facebook Messenger still exist when another messenger by the same company appears to outclass it? Is there a valid use-case for FBM?

FB bought WhatsApp and kept it running because it’s another way they can suck shitload of data from you.