Why are private calendars limited to one color?

I’ve tried proton calendar and I now selfhost a nextcloud instance with it’s own calendar. In both cases each calendar I have (Work, birthday, meetings, task, personal, important…) can only be one color. Where as when I used Google Calendar, each calendar would have a default color but I could easily change the color for individual events.

Can proton and Nextcloud already do this? If so how? If not, why not? It seem to be the standard not to allow color changing while google uses that to have an better product. This is literally keeping a friend of mine in g-calendar.

My thread model is very basic, I could even return to gcalendar, but screw google.

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For Proton, I assume it’s about priority. It’s not a huge feature, or something that impacts functionality. The feature is not going to grab headlines.

As for NextCloud, it’s been awhile since I looked. Though, the online User Manual give details on how to implement this:

If you (or your friend) doesn’t want to self host, or use NextCloud. I know Tutanota has this feature. You will need to be a paid user (currently €1.20pm/€12py), for multiple calendars, though.

Sorry, maybe I am dumb, but I don’t see how to have multiple colors in one calendar there. It does say how to have many calendars though.

Why not have a calendar, per event type? That’s what I do. One calendar for meetings (eg: orange), one for money (eg: green), and so on.

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I could. But what I currently do is have a color per event type in each calendar type. For example in the meetings calendar the meetings with marketing are green but the meetings with design are blue.


You could try sending Proton an email about it maybe they might implement it in the future :person_shrugging:

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