Who am I, why am I here?

I am a privacy activist, just trying to feel my way through this world. I decided I would join this community because the more I go at this alone, the more parinoid “tinfoil hat” I become. I started out with this cause about 2 years ago, I now have a linux laptop, no social media, and have a new phone on backorder (it’s a pixel to use calyx). I figure the more I isolate myself, the higher the chance I have of basically losing it and hiding under my bed for all of eternity. I hope this community can help me to feel more acomplished about how far I’ve come, and less isolated.


I feel you. The more I stay away from the internet, the more isolated I feel. But that’s kinda good, because now I have time for myself and I am more focused now.
I do have a couple of accounts on social media -that aren’t personal- so I could feel connected if I felt isolated. I use them rarely, and I post something every now and then.
Sometimes I feel like I’m not protected enough and I need to do more. But, I try to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished so far and loosen up a little.
If you are not in danger, then I advise you to not be hard on yourself. And remember, life is more then the internet. Go out, meet your friends/family, take a walk, visit new places, try new things and hopefully you will feel better.
Have a good day!


Welcome to you both, @tryingtothrive3 and @smart! I agree that trying to do better with privacy and security can be tough. Hopefully our discussions can help you figure out what is your “good enough” to let yourself breathe easier and put things into perspective.

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