Which OS are you running on your phone?

There was a great thread here that chatted about which phone everyone was using. But I’m interested in knowing which OS you’re using!

Currently, I’m using iOS and ProtonAOSP (with Google Services), and am thinking about making the switch to an AOSP project that supports MicroG (ProtonAOSP, Lineage, etc).

So, Techlore, which mobile OS are you using and why?

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I’m running GrapheneOS on a Pixel 6. I mostly chose it because of the widespread marketing that it’s the most secure AOSP fork. I sort of alternate between that and Calyx, though I think I’ll stick with Graphene for now.

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Do you think that ProtonAOSP more secure than LineageOS? No doubt Proton looks better.

I’ve been using GrapheneOS on a Pixel 3 for a year or so. I believe Google no longer officially supports the Pixel 3 anymore, but I’m still getting security updates from GrapheneOS, and I’m not generally a believer in replacing functional hardware. That being said, I’ll probably have to get a new phone soon.

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I’m not sure. I will say, though, that ProtonAOSP does state under Privacy & Security:

ProtonAOSP is not specifically dedicated to improving privacy or security, but it still has some features to help keep your data private

And it does have support for MicroG and sand boxed google apps. So, from my small understanding of lineage, it’s just as secure.

It is snappy, and it is pretty, but the limited devices that are supported are kind of a limiting factor.

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I am running android 6 rooted on my Phone. (its a LG G5) about 6years old now and I am due to an Phone Upgrade. yeah i know its pretty insecure running this old of an OS but right now I dont need to use the phone much and most of the time its on my Desk. I use my Phone most of the time for Calls a little bit of texting and 2fa.

The next Phone will be a Pixel with most likely GrapheneOS on it. I do like the concept of Sandboxed Googel Services as the Phone still needs them for some apps, so removing system access from GApps is a good compromise.