Which one is better to use?

Which one do you prefer to use the application or visiting on a browser ? For example the facebook ,which way is more better and in terms of security is it visiting it on their application or on a browser like brave and other private browser .

In terms of security, I don’t think there would be much difference. Both android and iOS have good sandboxing for apps. However, I would go for modern browser since the browser sandbox the site, and the OS sandbox the browser (if the browser experience is good)

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In terms of security probably not so much difference (in this particular example), but in terms of privacy, quite big. On my phone I use almost all apps from the browser. With todays PWA (progressive web apps) it’s sometimes completely unecessary to install the app.

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Installing an app would be better.

This is because the app has to be signed by the developer when you download it from the app store (not sure if this applies to APKs or F-Droid). This tries to ensure the app is from the correct developer.


Using the website would be better.

This is because many browsers block trackers, which is much harder in an app. However, you could try block trackers using DNS filtering such as NextDNS.


It’s up to you. I usually install apps, along with NextDNS. But almost all of my apps are FOSS, I don’t have anything with many trackers such as Facebook. For apps like Facebook, I would probably use the website in a browser such as Brave.

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Hello, can you explain what is the use of private dns and what’s the advantage of using it. And what’s make Next DNS the best to use.

Encrypted DNS will encrypt your DNS queries, similar to how a VPN would. However, encrypted DNS would not encrypt direct connections as to IP addresses, as I don’t think they go through the DNS.

You can read more about encrypted DNS here: https://www.privacyguides.org/advanced/dns-overview/#what-is-encrypted-dns

NextDNS is my favourite; not necessarily the best. ControlD is similar to NextDNS as it allows for custom domain filtering, although as far as I can tell - has no free plan.

You can see some other DNS options here: DNS Resolvers - Privacy Guides
Most of which have some DNS filtering, although NextDNS, ControlD and AdGuard (I think; I haven’t used AdGuard so not 100% sure) offer the most customisability.

I been using AdGuard, and it is pretty similar to nextdns in terms of customisability.