Which is the best Ubuntu Based Linux Distros

Hello my friends i want to know is there any Recommendations for Ubuntu Linux Distros because I don’t want to stick with Fedora now because it has few Repositories Compared to Ubuntu Not to mention Ease of use and i like to hear about your opinions :smiley:

Linux Mint is the way to go :

There’s also Pop!_OS :

You can discover more Ubuntu-based Linux distros here :


Thanks Geo for help but which one is safe for security

For the average person, these distros are secure enough but Linux itself isn’t more secure than MacOS or ChromeOS.

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Ok Good point but i Dislike Chrome OS for being Made by Google and locked Down

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Fedora is one of the most secure Linux distros for the average person.

I know about it but i meant the Most secure Ubuntu Distros

Most of the security-focused ubuntu based Linux distros are meant to be used by IT professionals or security engineers so they aren’t technically for you. You can still use any Ubuntu based distro and doing some hardening (using Flatpaks for sandbox, firewall, encryption, SELinux/AppArmor, etc…)


Right that’Actuallys Make Sense thanks for letting me know

I also forgot to mention which USB Booting app do I use

Two of my recommendations are Rufus and Balena Etcher

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What Do you think about Ventoy is it Great

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I haven’t used it but I also recommend it.

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Ventoy is great. I know of nothing like it. You can uodate Ventoy, you can update you USB with new versions of operating systems with out reformatting.

Your compromising with any version of Ubuntu. Linux Mint is what I use on my Kitchen PC. I call it that because it is in the kitchen… The privacy and security of this PC is low. It is very flexible, my family uses it with out much direction as a web browser email checking maybe document editing.

Compromising is not a bad thing. Understand your limitations, be responsible in your actions and know how to fix your mistakes before you make risk.

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You know i was going to install mint but i don’t know their security yet and I’m aware of my limits and compromises

Mint is probably the best option.
In terms of security, there isn’t much difference. People talk too much about different distros when there really is not much significant difference between them in most aspects. There’s no “This is the secure distro” or “This is the private distro”, this kind of idea is mostly perpetuated by those awful articles you find on Google when you search “Best distro”.

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This is true there aren’t many differences between the distros… Its more so about the DE (desktop Experience) like Mint’s Cinnamon desktop (windows like), or Gnome (android app-drawer like).
The Linux Experiment did a video about DE over Distro that I enjoyed.

Ubuntu based distros are popular because the creaters of Ubuntu spent time and money advertising it… What makes Ubuntu great is its Debian base. If you are looking for the most secure version of Ubuntu, I recommend exploring if debian would work for you.

All the debian based distros are also handy if you have learned the debian based terminal commands like “apt get” etc. Its good to learn these commands as you go… Unlocking your operating system past the GUI stage. (Its good to do this for Windows too)

I use Mint often when I need a “Kitchen” like experience for people used to windows like layout and need to get some simple tasks done. Mint also comes with many useful programs out of the box.

For older or slower hardware I use MXlinux as its extremely light on the system.

Explore what Desktop experience you like on linux, any of them can be installed without a distro re-install so you can try them out. With linux its as much about the journey as it is the destination… E.g. creating installs, trying them out, repeat.

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Thanks i already watched that video its really great also i wonder why you didn’t mention pop os is it not secure enough or was it’s focused Too much on Gaming

I have one desktop running Ubuntu Server and a tiling window manager instead of a traditional desktop. I’m building it up from nothing very slowly. This is in efforts to analyze every modification. If I can not get it to perform one function and I am in need, I jump on another machine and do what I need to do. Then I consider how can I make this computer do what I want my way.
No disrespect, if you just pop in Linux Mint (just as an example) and rock on with updates load new programs as you go, you probably have a loose at best understanding of whats all on your PC. You can install tools to protect, block and monitor your traffic but I personally don’t know all that’s going on in the background. This is where I mention for security do you fully understand the consequences of having all these programs on your PC, some or most you may never use.
Stripping down an installation to a bare bones system is an option but it is just as tedious and to me your working backwards.
My threat model varies greatly based on my actions. Sometimes I am using TailsOS other times I am on a network PC at work which is a higher risk for me. My point in this statement is there is no one path to privacy security and anonymity.

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Well i don’t want to strip down the os that much but i do wish to use Tails sometimes in the future