Which is the best download managers for downloading ISOS For Mobile And Desktop

hello again I need to know which download Managers does the privacy communitys recommend for downloading ISOS on Desktop And Mobile because most of that I used are malware and scamy I just need to download my Linux and Windows ISOS without any lag I hope you can find me the best options

Do you mean a torrent client?

If so, I use qBittorrent. It works on pretty much every desktop OS, and is FOSS. I’m personally running it a Docker container. Specifically, this one. It’s full of features, gets updates regularly, and one of the better clients I’ve tried.


Actually i meant a regular download manager like idm and adm

Oh, apologies. I’ve never got much use out of them, so I can’t be of too much help. Though, maybe this thread could be of some use:


Thanks blurb i forgot that thread even existed

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On android only option worth it, is 1DM but no idea about privacy and stuff on that.


Idk why would you use anything on desktop but this.

Remove some bloat by following:

Settings → Advanced Settings

Disable them:

premium alert
Special Deals

Jdownloader always gave me open source-y vibes and community centric vibes, but now I can’t find whether its actually open source loll. Though it has a forum and knowledge base, kindly search that for privacy relief :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Edit: It seems that they were open source but not currently as the repo is behind an auth wall now.

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I already have disabled the tracking features and i wish motrix is on Android but at least Gopeed is great alternative to it

On desktop (Windows) i use both JDownloader and IDM (Internet Download Manager) with IAS. For both i have the complementary browser extension.

On mobile Mull’s built-in downloader is more than enough for me

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thanks for suggesting mull again I actually did find it’s download manager really great to be honest I maybe could try it again later