Where to install antimalware program? Admin account or local account/


Where should I install my antivirus program of choice (Bitdefender) on my Windows 11 PC? I have an admin account, which I never use, unless I need to make changes to the system.

I use my local user account for all of my activities, web browsing, work, downloading stuff, etc. Never use admin account for this. So where should I install Bitdefender so that its scanning files in my admin account and files I download in my local account?

Typically, you want to run the AV software with admin access, so you can scan more than just your files.

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I would have thought you would install it on the user account, although it may not work without admin permissions (you should still be able to give these permissions from a non-admin account by typing in your admin password)

Yeah, I can do that. But if installed on a non admin account, will the antivirus software still scan every single file on my machine, including what’s in the admin account?

Why re u using Antimalware program? That’s a malware program, you dumb fuck. It 's probably non free and not FOSS or recommended by FSF. You lock down your machine restrict your freedom for what? A false sense of security?

I don’t think so, but i’m not 100% sure

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Woah, woah. If someone wants to use an antivirus, there is no issue with that. Yes there are issues with them, but there are benefits too. For many people, the benefits outweigh the issues.


Thank you, your soltuion worked!

I installed on admin account, and it scans all files, including the ones in the user account and in admin account. Though I think I could’ve done the same thing if I installed on user account and gave it admin priveleges. Although I installed on admin account, I can still use the antivirus program from the user account.

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You may not want to use Antimalware programs.

See why-