Where to go on the social media? (From a privacy perspective)

After the crazy things happen in twitter and the last thing was the limited tweets viewing happened yesterday, I was searching for alternatives and the options here are Mastodon, Nostr¹, Truth Social which is owned by Trump but also an open source option, Misskey, Scuttlebutt, Ripledd, Calckey and more, So what to choose to keep our privacy and security safe puting the usability and convenience in the equation???

¹Nostr has this amazing website for its clients


I’d say (if you have to), Mastodon.


I’d probably also go with Mastodon. I have not even heard of most of the others, and Mastodon is at least somewhat more popular. Plus, I like the Fediverse (though some others are also part of that)

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i personally think that the tech behind Nostr is the best but Mastodon has a way bigger and better userbase.
As a side note all social media can be terrible for your privacy, most of it depends on what you share.


I know that Mastodon and Calckey are federated. Also, if you join a mainstream Mastodon instance you should have access not just to most Mastodon users, but also Calckey, Pixelfed (Instagram alternative), Friendica (Facebook alternative), Lemmy and Kbin (Reddit alternatives), PeerTube (YouTube and streaming alternative), Owncast (streaming alternative), and more.

Of course, you are basically in the public so you have to watch what info you display to the public. These platforms themselves don’t have invasive tracking, the admins probably don’t collect more information than what’s needed for the platform to run, and if you find out they did, moving to another instance gets you away from that abuse of power while staying in the Fediverse (the whole fancy network). It’s not like Twitter or Facebook where it’s a ‘take it or leave it’ sort of deal.

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Talking about Mastodon, My account was deleted by the server owner cause someone was attacking Qatar for preventing LGBTQ+ on their lands and he said they were the reason of many people dying in the process of building stadiums -Which is not true lol- and when i tried to defend them for the LGBTQ+ thing and it is just simply forbidden in our religion and was forbidden the west world before 50 years, Boof my account was deleted by the owner of the server which why i really hate Mastodon, just look at the rules of any server and you will find some kind of dictatorship.

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First, you could’ve said that at the beginning.

Second, what makes you think that any other platform is different? Their platform, their rules. When you created the account, you’d have to agree with the rules, right?

I’m sure that there are instances that are really showing signs of “dictatorship”, but we have to be realistic. The idea that any kind of public social platform will work without any kind of moderation is just naive. Check Paradox of tolerance - Wikipedia

Somehow I have the feeling that this thread was more about the you needed to vent (which is fine) than about seeking answers…

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I would argue that the web is better when more people participate in it’s basic economy like domain ownership and providing services(for themselves or for others also) through that domain(on owned hardware/internet-connection, where possible).
Or most of us will continuously cycle through platforms without learning much on makes platforms/services/internet run for the sake of our own or community needs.

From my experience with self-hosting different kind of (mostly open-source) services I came to the conclusion that nowadays it’s not that technically hard as it used to be not that long ago and there’s a way to generalize server setup and maintenance in steps that can make sense for the normal person willing/curios to dive in such endeavour.
I think I might write some posts to discuss further any interest in such guides/introductions to “owning” your shit on the internet to seek any kind of interest.

Just don’t find an alternative to Twitter/Reddit or make one. We don’t need their alternatives. Let them be gone for good. Touch some grass.

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The fediverse has a pretty large Queer community and a lot of the software the fediverse runs on was created by Queer people I think it’s important to understand that some people may not take kindly to someone defending a country that consistently persecutes LGBTQ+ people.


It really depends on the instance you decided to join, I am sure there is an instance for people that have similar beliefs to yourself so maybe that might be a better fit, I’ve never seen anyone say that Mastodon or the Fediverse is a free speech platform. Perhaps you should read the rules for the instance that you join before complaining about being banned for breaking them.

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Don’t worry about it L Mastodon can be a wild place


Yes. That is also an option :+1:


You rightfully got banned here. I am quite apolitical, but if you try to say it’s forbidden to build connections with people that are of the same gender as you, and the reason you provide is “my religion forbids it”…I feel you should broaden your views.

Also this isn’t wanting free speech, this is hate speech.


(in all seriousness there’s mastodon, lemmy, jabber, and matrix.org)


Speaking of going outside, this reminds me of one of my favourite Techlore videos:

Might be a good time to think about whether you should have social media in the first place, I can personally say that deleting mine back in 2018 was probably one of the best things I have done for my mental health.


I think that video is a great recommendation. It’s so easy to get caught up in whatever the lastest drama is on whatever social media platform is currently popular, that you can really lose focus on things that are way more important in your own life.

It does sound mean to tell people to simply ‘go touch grass’ but compared to scrolling twitter/threads/reddit for hours a day, you’ll end your day happier having done something else.