When Would These Be Useful/Practical Together?

So, these videos combined have some really good advice on buying electronics more safely. Like, setting up a device in store. However, this is where I raise a question over whether both (combined) can ever be pragmatically used:

The short has the situation using Qubes or Tails OS, but then the Anonymous iPhone and Apple Computer does not mention swapping out the OS. And to NEVER use an existing account, only all brand-new.

Basically, log into an existing account. Game over.

The question I have ties to threat modeling. If you are looking to set up an anonymous device for anonymous tasks, would an iPhone or Mac computer ever be a practical solution? I get having them as secure and (decently to potentially satisfactorily) private devices.

Wouldn’t seeking to completely anonymously buy a device be sensible for a device that facilitates anonymity effectively, which I ask how far iPhones and Macs can go here?

And ignoring the more extreme measures like never using an existing account, following everything else (like in-store setup and having a VPN), I think you likely at least bought your device relatively safely. I question the challenge that logging into an existing account while following every other precaution is a huge deal, on a (in-practice) privacy and security-wise.

What threat model is Naomi going with in the Anonymous Mac and iPhone video?


Let’s be real here Anonymity is not required for like 99.99% of your tasks. Not saying these tips are useless (for the angry crowd) but realistically speaking we all want more security and privacy in our digital lives.

And in some situations, it is impossible to be anonymous, though you can be private about it. And in those cases, it’s not a huge deal. Like, a lot of people really like Privacy.COM because of the peace of mind, along with effective expenses-management, though Privacy.COM is not anonymous.

I was thinking to the best I can when it’s possible Naomi’s videos combined are useful and the only situations I could think of are for whistle-blowing and political donation situations. Like, actual sensitive situations that need anonymity and not “anonymous, faceless YouTuber”-extent anonymity.

(I doubt faceless YouTubers follow the Anonymous Mac/iPhone video and instead they compartmentalize and harden.)

But then, those situations are really narrow, so something for specific things like Tails OS would be better, at least it seems so…

I really should try Tails OS soon.