What's your opinion about inviting other privacy & security related creators here?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have The Hated One or Mental Outlaw participating in this forum?
I think many of them would not like to participate but idea of a forum all creators can participate in one discussion without doing a formal collaboration sounds nice,right?

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All are welcome as long as they respect the rules :person_shrugging:

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If you ask me, I think that it is not a good idea to invite Mental Outlaw and other Luke Smith copycats here. I do not mind them if they behaved properly here, but most likely, the will not. If I had a dollar every time one of them says something blatanly incorrent or starts personal attacks against people who disagree with them, I could buy myself a new flat.

About THO, he appears to not share the same values as people that I mentioned above, but he also often speaks about various things that he has no idea about. His videos about Signal, Intel Management Engine and security keys are the best proof of that

I like THO, most of the time means well. He is skewed more to protestors, NGO types, people that may have a little more skin in the privacy game vs. the average person.
But if he linked or whatever here it wouldn’t bother me.


Cna you link instances on Mental Outlaw saying something incorrect and attacking people like you did with THO?

His videos about Rust in Linux kernel , ME/PSP and XMPP Installation are the perfect examples of that, jus to name a few.

I think that the rules for the forum are enough to govern stuff like this and otherwise we leave it open.

I don’t think any of these folks would find they would need to participate in this forum, but if they see posts like these where they’re mentioned it could be off-putting to them. Of course I think we can speak our minds within reason, but it’s also important to keep in mind that this is the Techlore forum. They may walk away thinking that Techlore or the community just don’t like them and now that’s impacting Henry.

I can appreciate the argument of saying what we think and providing constructive criticism. But like it or not we are also representing Techlore. I personally don’t want to make their lives harder just to make a point.

As of now, I think Henry put it best:

I think we just keep it simple like that and not try to say ahead of time who we would or would not like to see on the forum. And this isn’t meant as a slight at all, I’m just putting it out there as something to consider.


I did invite Nate but he’s being a meanie and doesn’t want to join.

Don’t worry, I’ll harass him. lol

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Great way to build a community but Who is Nate?

Oh the Word limit