What's your favorite privacy tool that you don't think gets recommended enough

There it is. It doesn’t seem to support as many formats, but it should work nicely.

Oh, an app I completely forgot about until today (due to lack of attention), is Waistline. My partner initially tried to get me to use MyFitnessPal, to keep track of nutrition. That of course is terrible for privacy, but I managed to find Waistline. I know it’s not the most popular thing to talk about in the privacy community, but it’s genuinly an underrated, mostly unknown tool, that I think deserves more attention.

Oh, for iOS users, check out FoodNoms. It’s nowhere near as good as Waistline, it’s not open source, it does have paid components, and does require an iCloud Health account. Health is E2E Encrypted, but it’s still not nice to be forced to use an account. Sadly, it does still seem to be the best option on iOS that I’m aware of.

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Love Anonaddy… I have hundreds of aliases now - pretty much create a new one for every site that requires an email… and all I have to do is deactivate it if I start getting spammed. PLUS- I can’t be tracked back to it… all goodness.

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Yeah - I have a great firewall on my network - so I turn them off on all my devices.

When I’m ‘remote’ I use my own VPN that routes all through my home firewall… (using OPNsense and Wireguard VPN).

That is the only time I use VPN which also helps!

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I think P2P is the way to go for hidden services.
Its not as easy to get started, but with the Easy Install Bundle its easy to get set up.

The password manager KeePassXC.

Most people don’t know that it also has 2FA TOTP fuctionality.

Speaking in terms of PC only, if you get a free MEGA or Filen account you can setup a sync folder and sync your database across multiple PCs.

Not really a “privacy” tool. I2p serves as an anonymity tool.

I2p at it’s current stage is quite unusable for normal people for 2 primary reasons- it’s a pain in the ass to set up and the other being eepsites doesn’t really have much “viewable” content and most being cp and other illegal stuff I personally have no interest in.

While it’s a good tool for security, it’s quite well recommended and hence the answer doesn’t fit in with the question asked.

I’m interpreting this question as “services that aren’t as well known as they should be”.

crypton.sh - This service is so damn unknown that I’ve only seen it mentioned a handful of times on Reddit and nowhere else. I used this service, but it didn’t work. I contacted support several times, but I didn’t receive a response. If their service worked, and they responded to support requests, it would be a great service that hardly anyone knows about. Otherwise, I can’t recommend it.

silent.link - I have been aware of this service for a while but haven’t used it. I will be using it soon.

Silent Pocket - Faraday cages are very niche, and the results of using such a product aren’t as immediately obvious. It eliminates an invisible threat, and you’ll never know when it might actually protect you. In that sense, it’s very similar to a home alarm system, except you’ll never know when you’re broken into.

Njalla - Even in the privacy community, it’s not very well known. Which to me is part of the appeal. I tend to prefer services that are established enough to know what they’re doing, but not so exposed to the world that they become a target. This is why I prefer Tutanota over ProtonMail (but I use both).

Session - If it didn’t have bugs and notified you reliably (even with fast-mode), it would be definitely better than Signal. On paper, it’s much better than Signal. Also, Briar.

Libreddit - Simply the best reddit front-end, and looks fantastic.

LibreX - relatively unknown search engine. It’s not my favorite search engine, but it’s good.

yt-dlp (fork of youtube-dl) - not exactly a privacy tool, but it does protect your privacy in some limited ways. For example, you can download directly from the source instead of visiting Youtube, and unless you log in, and you’re using a VPN or Tor, Google won’t be able to identify you.

Arkenfox - somewhat well known but not well known enough, and has a pretty niche audience.

Libredirect - Quite amazing.

LibreTube - better than Newpipe, in my opinion.


Safing Portmaster, SPN

There is also an Instagram front-end that has popped up after bibliogram went down, but in the interest of keeping it functional, I’ll just mention it exists without referring to it by name.

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Has to be Pi-hole, it works like a champ.