What's your favorite privacy tool that you don't think gets recommended enough

What’s your favorite privacy tool that you don’t think gets recommended enough


I’d say probably SimpleLogin.

But I kind a understand why. You have to be somehow more “privacy aware” person, because it could be a hassle to manage that. Or at least undestand the function well enough to be able to create some smooth way how to deal with all the emails.


I agree with @Ambrosio that email aliasing tools overall I think should be recommended more. Going off of that, I think MySudo (https://mysudo.com/) for phone numbers/email aliases AND payment masking - it’s one app that does all 3 - and is super helpful in the fight for less spam and just overall keeping core methods of communication reserved for only “who you want.”


MySudo is cool and all, but the problem with these services? US only. And sometimes Canada. There is nothing like privacy.com for Europeans for example. If you don’t count Revolut which offers disposable credit cards.


It is also available for users in the UK.

It is really disappointing that in Europe we don’t have many services that match privacy.com. Even though Revolut exists, it is not designed for being a disposable card service. It is a bank that offers disposable cards.


It’s been talked about a lot recently, but I’d still say Syncthing. It’s so convenient to be able to automatically transfer files between my phone and computer without having to use the internet. By using Syncthing, I’m able to keep updated backups of my phone on my laptop without having to connect my phone with a cable.


Tossable Digits. It allows you to have foreign numbers.

Though, it does not let you delete SMS texts, so it’s best to abstain from using TD as SMS. Though, it’s good for services that require a phone number for 2FA.

I would also add Burner, as it’s excellent for temporary situations.

I recommended that recently for someone who needed to give his email provider a phone number to access his old emails. They only allowed a phone number for 2FA and he was smart enough to not want to give them any of the numbers he actually uses, but didn’t know of any alternative.

I’ve been using ExifEraser on the F-Droid store a lot. It’s important to erase any metadata on the images you send in the clear especially pics taken on ones phone. A desktop equivalent that I use is ExifTool; that one’s good on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Not sure what options are there for iOS though.

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IronVest, formerly Blur by Abine. The DeleteMe service is OK and saves some bandwidth so I can concentrate on other matters. The same company offers IronVest, the masked email, Phone and cards is similar to MySudo, MySydo as far as I can tell requires google pay.

Not wholly opposed to MySudo. All my Gmail accounts had or have a MySudo account funded with change left over from prepaid visa cards.

In my option use case of monero otherwise know as XMR, or using cash by mail to pay for thing’s.


Safing Portmaster. In my opinion application firewalls are a must nowadays to understand what’s going on under the hood

I haven’t found any good ones either, though it’s largely irrelevant with Signal - as Signal auto-wipes this data too. So you can just send any image through Note to Self on Signal within any OS to wipe EXIF before uploading it elsewhere :slight_smile:


Metapho for ios?

Anonaddy/simple login or another one

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Brilliant thanks, I’ve been using (W10) Windows firewall control for years, by Binisoft. It’s been taken over by Malwarebytes, but yours is open source.

I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads up

Also, when I’ve dabbled in Linux (Manjaro, AntiX, etc) I was always concerned that there doesn’t appear to be a firewall switched on by default. One thing that determined which distro I tried, was whether they had a firewall ready to be activated.
Something about Linux doesn’t need them? I was never happy with that.

Edit: @Booted0447 Great question!

Joplin. Is a pretty solid note taking app. stores all your files locally ny deffult but for cross platform use can sync with other cliud services or use joplib cloud for. It is also supoort encryotion so you can use sometjing like dropbox and they wont be able to read your info.

Also very.modular with varius plugins. And can.import notes from evernote

For personal computers, firewalls are not really a must. It’s good to have them though.


Something that I’ve had recommended to me was Metapho. The app is free to check metadata, but it does have an IAP to unlock Metadata removal. I’ve yet to find a good free app on the AppStore, or on AltServer/AltStore.

Well, perhaps MetaX?