What's the best way to backup a KeePass database file?


Looking to backup my KeePass database file so I don’t lose access for whatever reason. How do you guys keep your file + master password backed up & safe?

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I keep a back up on a thumb drive which I manually update as of now.
Prior I used NextCloud and would keep a backup using a thumb drive plugged into my Windows PC only used for a printer and some peripherals devices. We shut that machine down as werf remodeling.

I keep my phone documents limited, but what I do keep on my phone (keepass file) I also keep on a thumb drive. I use an app called FreeFileSync that is a portable app.
I make a habit to move my work related docs and pics off my phone to my work folder and then do a file sync to back up.

When I used KeePass, I used to backup my files to a thumb drive, and NAS. Syncthing was great for this, as it was cross platform. I also had an (older) encrypted copy in… I think it was Google Drive. Though nowerdays I would instead use Proton Drive.

I keep a copy in my Proton Drive and have made a system to retrieve it (and my TOTP backup). I don’t love this solution and would rather have an offline copy, but I’m overseas right now and don’t fully trust my backup SSD.

store database on a couple of external drives. encrypt the data if your threat model demands it.

Or maybe this would be better.

Depending on one’s threat model, one might seriously consider setting up a KeePass database in conjunction with a Yubikey 5 + Challenge Response during hardware key setup.

Clear out a slot on the Yubikey by using Yubikey-Manager application and set up Challenge Response. Be sure to store the Challenge Response in a secure location. It will be needed should the Yubikey become lost or stolen.
--------Disable button Press for Challenge Response on the Yubikey. ---------

KeePass → One might also consider generating a Key File during the database setup process. Be sure to store it in a safe location, preferably on an external drive. It would also help to have the Yubikey inserted into the USB slot during setup.

-Is this setup needed or wanted?- If yes, then practice setting up this configuration prior to securing a functional KeePass database. A few practice trials will be beneficial. Backup, delete and restore the Challenge Response key a few times and do so during a practice database setup. Do the same for the generated KeePass Key File. Be sure to know what you are doing and what is going on prior to final database setup.

Yubico didn’t give me anything to share this information. I don’t work for Yubico in any way, shape, form or fashion.