What y'all listening to?

  • Been into some oldies lately mainly these two classics:
  • Also found a new artist that I really enjoy listening to:
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LHS / Reloaded Installer / Keygen

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I listen to pretty much everything, but these are the classics I’ve been listening to for the longest:
Playlist on Invidio.us

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Nice playlist! I really enjoyed listening to it.

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The Midnight / Days of Thunder / Synthwave

A reminder to use free software to listen to your songs.

Use free formats like Ogg Opus for even more freedom.

Remember, nothing tastes better than good American freedom.

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LukHash / Better than reality / 8bit Synthwave

I’ve been kinda vibing this lately

Marsheaux / Odyssey / Synthpop

A friend recently recommended me Spiritbox. I’m glad he did:

I’ve been big into Cory Wong lately. It’s so funky!

Just listened to Billy Talent for the first time
End of Mehttps://youtu.be/3mlGOGfoYNM based on your rec. Love the song. Queueing up more to try- thanks.

Fav/most listened to groups are Green Day & Cracker. Third most listened to for 2022, & a group I highly rec giving a try is Wolf Alice


I can’t get enough of this :notes:
Don’t Delete The Kisses &
Moaning Lisa Smile
Hope someone else likes it for the first time :slightly_smiling_face:

this guy

I’ve been oddly getting into Black Metal the past couple months

A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
Damp Chill of Life