What y'all listening to?

This song’s just so good

Indeed there is!

Gave this a listen, not my style. However the retro arcade vibe takes me back

Same goes here

The background noises are very catchy however it quickly becomes repetitive.
I wish there was some more synth it would really fit the song.
It’s not bad at all!

This song is great!

VERY CHAOTIC I either love it or absolutely despise it lol

Not bad! I really like the 1:30 part

I think this is the best one yet! I’ll definitely listen to the whole thing another time!
Iapetus sounds like a sick band!

Sounds like a game’s soundtrack that’s sick!

Feels like the calm before the storm. So much life!
Will be putting this as a background while studying.
Loved the guy behind it.

THE BUILDUP OMG! This is the best one I changed my mind lol
it’s absolutely fantastic wow
If you like Avatar give The Eagle Has Landed a listen.

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Another song from after the sequal,getting alot of hard rock and egg fleet vibes from it. Absolute banger

And storm station act 2’s track is also amazing

And act 3 is just soooo chill

Technology tree act 1’s track is pretty groovy

And boogie boogie is just so damn funky

And this is just fucking epic

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Been listening to a bit of Juice WRLD tonight, yknow Lean Wit Me and Robbery, really good songs

Don’t know em.
I do like Juice WRLD and I definitely should listen to more of his songs.
I’m actually listening to Evanescence, one of my top bands.
May I recommend my favorite album called “Fallen”

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Ill give it a listen!

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CORPSE & gizmo when i feel like it & some surf rock

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Hey there,

I am a really odd fella with really odd music taste.

Lately listening to Igorrr a french DJ who combines Metal, Breakbeat and Opera:

Zeal & Ardor who combines Blues, R&B and Black Metal:

And Arcturus which is Norwegian Avant-Garde Metal act which I could describe by saying it’s basically Nightwish but if the music wasn’t total s#!t:

From a more normal things I listen to is Slayer (no introduction needed) and French love of mine, Gojira:

Oh i cannot forget,sugar splash act 1 is pretty amazing too. That guitar riff is just soooo good

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Adding these to my car playlist. I really like Robbery!

That’s not bad!

That’s officially the weirdest one I’ve seen yet
but who said weird has to be bad?
the melody is actually catchy

Very war-like, feels like a call to arms lol

love that.
Been listening to GHOST and Slipknot a lot these past few days

been a while since I heard of CORPSE, I should check out his latest

I have been really into MF DOOM lately! I find these videos with the highlighted rhymes really nice to watch: Figaro - Highlighted Rhymes :slight_smile:

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Good choice, especially the earlier stuff of them

And “Crumbstepping” for sugar splash act 3 is such a banger

And “Tea With Ellie” is probably the second most memorable track in this game for me. Also another banger

I’ve been listening to a lot of hurdy gurdy music lately, especially Patty Gurdy or Michalina Malisz. It just has such a cool sound :slight_smile:

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Pasoori - Ali Sethi (Coke Studio Pakistan)
Kana Yaari - Kaifi Khalil (Coke Studio Pakistan)
Malang - Dhoom 3 (Indian Film)

All are bops, be sure to give them a listen! The video and dance of Malang is gorgeous.

Figaro is just incredible…had a huge MF DOOM phase 5+ years ago, making me want to re-listen through the discography

Guns N’ Roses - You Could Be Mine :love_you_gesture:


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