What y'all listening to?

Been exploring new songs lately and wondered what the Techlore community has been listening to :grin:
Feel free to share your favorite songs, artists or playlists :musical_note:
I’m actually listening to City Lights by Avicii while writing this courtesy of the shuffle button :0


@Raznick @ProudPenguin2479 tada!


Listened to hybrid theory by Linkin park the other day, amazing album


While I would NOT consider myself being part of the techlore community, I mostly listen to what you would consider noise.

Talking in genre:
Mostly black metal, harsh noise wall and a little bit of punk rock.

Yewtu.be link to the newest album of my favorite musician.

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Indeed! Crawling just gets me :star_struck:


My fav is one step closer

LeProus’s At the bottom fits your style in my opinion and is one of my favs atm.
give it a listen!

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I’m very open musically so I have no problem listening to this however I noticed the songs are 30 mins long which is a bit too much for me :sweat:
Do you have any 3-10 minutesque recommendations at the top of your head?

They’re so long due to being albums. The songs itself probably are shorter. But I also often times actively look for longer songs. I think the longest I physically own is like an hour or so.

Also I don’t know the name of a single song I listen to, simply because they mostly are in a language I don’t speak (Russian) and because I can’t remember the last time I listened to a single song.

I’m currently searching for one, which is why I take so long to reply.
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT - "Morgen" (Official Music Video) - Invidious might be interesting. The only band I currently listen actively to that has single songs on YouTube :sweat_smile:

I like this, very edgy!
For some reason it reminded me of this particular Rammstein song

That is interesting. As far as I can tell, there is nothing common here (except the language).

I guess the B&W video gave me flashbacks

That could be and would be an interesting way to see a connection between music. I barely have watched any music videos as I own basically all music I listen to (if possible) physically and now the bands for years (don’t need videos to listen to before the album release, as I know that I’ll like their material).

Cool, I’ll check it out


That’s a good way to support the artists!
I keep all my songs on a hard drive and try to donate to artists I enjoy as a way of support because physical copies are not easily available to me. FLAC is currently saving my life lol


A good and expensive way to support an artist. Importing a single copy (cassette) for about 20€ is not a hobby I can recommend to most people.
Donating is a great way as well! Whatever helps the artist (especially small ones) to continue make a living counts. I am happy to hear that people here are supporting creators “offsite”.

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Wait you still use cassettes? That’s wild, thought you meant Vinyl by physical :open_mouth:
I haven’t seen a cassette in ages

Anything eletric swing or house or edm with my favorite being Trouble by Parov Stelar


Cassettes are outdated, but still usable. And they’re the easiest way to produce and distribute music as a small artist. They are dirt cheap to produce, have good sound quality (well depends on the actual cassette, but they can sound amazing) and just have enough inconvenience about them to not skip songs and to actively choose what you listen to.

While I also have a vinyl player, I barely use it due to the little amount of albums released on vinyl.

Check out Merch | Wintaar if you’re interested. Just a warning: A link to bandcamp, nowadays belongs to Epic games and therefore China.

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Not my kind of music, but is an interesting listening experience :smiley: