What VPN Do You Use?!

  • Mullvad
  • IVPN
  • Proton
  • Windscribe
  • Other (Comment Below)
  • None (Leave your reasons below)

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I used to use IVPN, but I am going to give Mullvad a try, as they recently started accepting Monero as a payment method.

They seem to be better organised and have alot of usefull tutorials, including a decent Qubes support.

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What VPN doesn’t support Qubes?

Afaik you can create a NetworkVM with pretty much all kinds of providers, but the setup might be tricky. The difference with Mullvad is that they have a great documentation on how to integrate their service with Qubes.

Been using Windscribe Premium for three years, but will be bail when my sub is up in November. Most likely getting either Mullvad or just not having one.

Windscribe is likely not a safe bet: VPN servers seized by Ukrainian authorities weren’t encrypted | Ars Technica


In fairness to them, that issue was resolved very transparently (and actually impacted many other VPN providers)

I would personally still have no issue trusting them based on their response and willingness to fix the issues. Almost every service will inevitably suffer an incident, so I like to see the response to them as an indicator. (Full disclosure: I don’t use WS & don’t even have an account)


Absolutely fair, but the information needed to be shared.

I use RiseUp and Proton vpn.

RiseUp is super easy to use on Linux whereas Proton has some issues.*

*Super slow cold start and killswitch is broken


Yea, thats a big reason I’m dumping them, toss in Ygor’s crappy response and blaming other VPN’s for his own screw-up, that was enough for me.

I like Proton for the entire suite that they offer. Really happy with their new look and hoping that drive gets better. 500gb of encrypted cloud storage is awesome. I’ve been using them as a vpn for a while now and they have not given me a reason to consider switching.

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I suppose you mean you use their email service too. Don’t you have any concern about giving too much of you in their hands?

So I do think that centralization can be an issue and if it’s something you would rather not do I respect that. However, I think if we want more people being private and secure with their data there needs to be easy solutions. Proton is moving in that direction and so long as they remain “trustworthy” I am fine giving up some decentralization for the convenience. That’s just my two cents though.

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Is Rise up free??
I know free vpns and threat to privacy but currently I am not able to afford one.

RiseUp vpn is indeed free but they regularly ask that you donate to keep their service online.

So it’s mandatory to donate?
or can I offer some non monetary help in exchange of their service?

No, it’s not mandatory to donate otherwise the service would not be free.


There will be all kind of folks and solutions offered on here depending on various threat models and preferences, so you’re good. :+1:

PS - I agree with you and Proton is what I will most likely switch to depending on their implementation of Proton Drive. But that’s for me and my use case.

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I was using IVPN mainly due to being able to easily set it up on my OPNSense router using wireguard.

I’ve lately stopped using VPNs as I no longer think they add value (only really hide my IP from my ISP), also the hassle-factor of being blocked due to on a VPN just became too much.

If I really want anonymity - I use TOR. The only reason I’d see me using a VPN would be for public wifi (e.g.: airport), but since I don’t use any smart devices - that’s not so much an issue.

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Windscribe is good enough for me and unlike other vpns are not blocked by my school. It’s the only VPN that is decent and it’s website and connection isn’t blocked. :man_shrugging: