What version of LineageOS is compatible with my phone?

Hi all! I am tired to be using a outdated Android. I want to “upgrade” to LineageOS, but I found that HUAWEI devices are not compatible. What older version of LineageOS can I use on my phone? I also have my eyes on DivestOS and other unofficial distributions, but I am more interesed in Lineage.



I would personally do some research and dig deeper in the topic. As some will have better features and tools than others.
DivertOS is something to look into, but if your device can lock again, or isn’t even supported, may look into e/os and see if your device is supported there? If not, best avoid lineage if it isn’t updated at this point.

But again I could be wrong, and you need to look at what you need and what you think would best suit you.
Hope you find what you need.

Just had a quick look at Devices | LineageOS Wiki, but couldn’t find any Huawei devices, so it seems you may be out of luck

Well… I gonna to investigate into this and check out what is the best for me. Thanks 4 your reply! :smiley: