What SMS app do you use on Android?

This question is likely extra relevant since Signal is soon removing SMS support. I’m currently using Simple Mobile Tools’ SMS Messenger (https://www.simplemobiletools.com/). It works fine, but I’d be happy to hear what other people use.


QKSMS but it looks unmaintained since end of 2021


I used to use QKSMS and loved the UI, but the fact that its unmaintained prompted me to look for something different.

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I hadn’t heard that about Signal.
That’s too bad.
I guess I better pay attention to this topic.

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If you can’t communicate on Signal I think RCS on Google Messages is a better option than SMS. If you have the Android/Apple communication challenge and have to default to SMS I think Simple Mobile Tools SMS Messenger is a fair option but, probably unnecessary as Google Messages will default to SMS/MMS if RCS isn’t an option.

I don’t use android but this seems alright


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I decided to run Silence as my default messenger app for a while.

I known it has not been updated in a while. I think the encryption is still solid.

I use dual SIM dual standby and the selection of which SIM to use seems the best at keeping track with which SIM choosen per a contact. I seem to notice and feel confident with which SIM is being used. I am probably my biggest security risk so making sure I use the correct SIM is important.

Simple SMS and the stock Messaging App from CalyxOS were the other options.

I also want to add, my default notification and ringtone is silent, in most of these apps every contact gets a custom notification. I just pick something related to them, higher priority the louder and more annoying. If they are a low priority or they blow up my phone I assign them a quiet less annoying custom notification.

I am also choosing a color for the Contacts Color systematically. You can assign these colors not just to reflect the contact but to remind you to act accordingly.

I plan to move all my contacts to just one SIM but now Green Contacts are Mint Mobile and Red is Verizon contacts. Maybe colors will be for grouping, work, family, or friends.

Editing again* Signal Contacts will be Blue… After Signal drops SMS i am probably going to use a Masked Phone number for Signal. Using neither SIM number.

I just discover Partisan SMS a QKSMS maintained fork I definitely try this one !

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I loaded up P SMS, found it missing one feature that I need, support for swapping from one SIM to another.

Latest release 3 years ago, :warning:

QKSMS, but not supported anymore, and can’t send MMS.
PartisansSMS is a fork wich works like Silence

PartisansSMS looks like a good option, I didn’t see a way to use Dual SIM eaily.

I would be happy with stock CalyxOS messaging app if i could figure out an easy way to set custom notifications for each contact.

Well now I get why people didnt like Signal removing SMS functionality, seems like all SMS Apps kinda suck

Is the DivestOS Silence SMS app a maintained fork ?

DivestOS Silence has been dropped in favor of the AOSP Messaging app. May 11th, 2022


There is a setting in Simple SMS Messaging that will block all messages not in contacts. This may work better than the work it takes to add a contact and add a custom notification and setting Default Notifications to Silent.

setting(gear icon)>manage blocked numbers>Block messages from not stored contacts.