What should you do before you become a Youtuber/Influencer in terms of privacy?

Hello, I wanted to ask about what should you do before you become a Youtuber/Influencer in terms of privacy? My best friend wants to do Youtube but wants to protect her identity and personal info. She has made all new accounts just for Youtube (Instagram, Discord, Twitter) using proton mail and tutanota, using proton VPN, has bitwarden, using Firefox for only content creation, and will not reference her real name or face or any personal accounts. Also uses the aegis 2fa app for all of her content creation accounts. She is about to harden windows 11 cause Windows 10 was giving her problems. Since we are both new to all of this privacy stuff we hope we thought of everything that we should have done before she starts to post anything and get the accounts off of private.

Is there anything else we should know regarding privacy or something she can do? Please let us know cause I don’t want my friend to get doxxed or stalked in real life.

Thank you a lot :heart: :pray:

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The core answer to this question is what your friend is already doing - compartmentalization. The more the better - separate browsers, user accounts, accounts devices, etc. Some of our guides covering things like dating and job searching touch on the general philosophies to help you get started.

I would encourage anyone to develop a plan regarding what information they’re willing to share, and then establishing the necessary tools/workflow to accommodate this. This is actually incredibly challenging though and fairly nuanced, to the point where we want to make content & offer direct help to creators for this specific issue, not even a lengthy blog post could cover everything. It’s wild to think about: Creators have celebrity-like publicity with a fraction of the money & support that celebrities receive. So educating creators is very important. One thing to consider is the non-technical aspects of being a creator and establishing boundaries from the beginning. Will you share your face, your voice, details about your personal life? This is all information that should be accounted for before you upload your first video/post.

If your friend was interested feel free to DM me w/ their information. We’re considering offering services for creators, so if your friend wanted a discounted, beta-like service we could talk about something.


Omg thank you very much, I will let her know. It’s nice to know that we were on the right track.

I feel like something that would be interesting to discuss is how someone would handle stuff like fan meet ups, conventions for whatever their channel topic is, and other physical gatherings where they want to be present but they want to be private.

Personally I’ve thought about stuff like “bring a burner device” and “wear mask and sunglasses”, but there are probably small details that could be make or break for your privacy in those scenarios.


To be honest, everything you’ve done so far sounds right on track to me. If I was going to start content creation I would do these things.

It’s great that you’re thinking about this because content creators are uniquely targeted for harassment.

One idea that I would add, which is good for anyone but could be helpful as you guys start your workflow, is to keep all of your content creation on a separate user account on your computer than everything else. That way, if there’s any service or tool that you notice is missing you will also remember to create it under the alias you’re using for content creation.


I don’t know if OP is at the point where they’re considering creating a legal company for their idea, but All Things Secured made a video about security practices freelancers and small business owners can take. Could helpful for ideas.