What should I do with my old smartphone?

I just ordered a Pixel 6a to replace my current Pixel 3a, which has been EOL for a few months now. But my Pixel 3a still works mostly fine (I’m very glad that Google is promising 5 years of updates on the new models). I think it would be a shame to throw it away or put it into storage and then probably throw it away in a few years.

So what should I do with my old phone? I have a few ideas, but I don’t think any of them are very good. I use one of my old laptops as a home server, is there any way to do something similar with a smartphone? Could I use it to mine cryptocurrency? Should I use it to run privacy-invasive apps at home on a guest wifi network? Something else? Happy to hear ideas.

I will have the exact same thing in a year, when I have to replace my Pixel 4a, but here is what I did with my old phone(s) in the past:

I think if you don’t need it the best would be to sell it to give it a new life.

That’s exactly how I use my old phone(s), to run apps that I normally wouldn’t run on my Pixel 4a.

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Sell it for parts.

How much crypto can a half decade old phone mine? May even not cover your 10W electricity bills.

Will the app work? Also no point in doing that. Android has a very strong security model that isolates one app from another. If you are skeptical of a certain app use it on a separate work profile

How about as a car phone, set it up for navigation and load it up with maps of your area. Get an OBD2 to bluetooth dongle and install Torque, use it as a heads up display. Store a gig of your road trip soundtracks, how to guides and operator manual for your car. Keep an electronic copy of your auto insurance saved on it and any related documents. Photo of driver license, registration.
How about a low key WarDriving rig using Wigle in your car, a dash cam project and GPS tracker on your own NextCloud.

The most consistent use I’ve had for old phones is as glorified alarm clocks.

It could still have a long life ahead of it if you put lineageOS on it.