What shop or services would appect Monero?

When I watch Mental Outlaw and Naomi, I often hear that Monero is great for piracy when you are exchanging to to one person to another. I’m interested by it but the thing that sort of put me off is not knowing where I could use it on which shops and so. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept but cause I’m not that educated in crypto in general, it just feels both over and underwhelming and you don’t know where to find much resources.

Otherwise, I am open minded and want to learn more (otherwise, I don’t know why I would even asked this and I already feel little embarrassed and silly for not knowing the answer.)

Cake Wallet is a good convenient mobile wallet for briefly holding your spending crypto (always keep what you don’t intend to spend in cold storage or hardware wallet). Cake Wallet for Android/iOS has access to Cake Pay Gift Cards and Cake Pay Web Cards. These allow you to exchange monero for various gift cards with a lot of vendors (e.g. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Doordash, others), or Visa debit cards loaded with fiat value.

Others use whatever favorite wallet and Localmonero to exchange monero to fiat (and back) somewhat anonymously.

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