What phone are you all rockin?!

ouch, that’s rough. wonder if there’s a way around that lock/

I’ve been scouring the XDA forums lol

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Pixel 6 Pro with CalyxOS.


S20 5G + Apple 8 for work

Would that work for using android auto on a car?

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No, you will not be able to use Android Auto. Maybe (unlikely) wireless Android Auto could be made to work, but wired is out of the question.

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Currently using a Samsung Galaxy S9 exynos varient with Noble ROM one UI 4.1 and root.

I’ve manually gone through and debloated everything to do with sam-dung, and kept minimal google services as im not quite ready to make the micro g jump just yet…

Absolutely can’t stand how small this phone is and the battery life is sh*t! I plan to purchase a battery case soon and hopefully it’ll add a bit more weight and heft to the device, but aside from that the phone is great, still very nippy and snappy to this day. Just renewed my 1 year sim only contract, here’s to another year with the S9!

My dad’s just got a OnePlus 9 pro, I wish I had the money lol

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Using an iPhone 11 here. I’ve followed the ios privacy and security guide pretty thoroughly and I’m happy with it. Plus all the older people in my life use ios and I would rather iMessage them than try and get them to swap to Signal which they won’t do.

I try to be really minimalist with my phone, I have a single page of apps and most of those are open source things like bitwarden, proton, Signal, NetNewsWire, (you really need to be using rss if you aren’t already) just wish that Apple was friendly with right to repair.


iPhone 6 for Techlore

Samsung Galaxy S8+ for personal.

Thanks Jonah for the “beauty shot”. :joy:

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I used an iphone before and was very unhappy with it because it heavely locked me up in the apple ecosystem. I then decided to buy a Fairphone 4 and installed the new CalyOS Beta on it. It really works like a charm. I tweaked the system a bit with Novalauncher and changed some settings. Here’s my final result:

(Funny thing: When I give the FP to other people they often think it’s an iphone)


Time to hack your device instead after all getting hacked does require your consent. (Joking obviously). On a serious note I love the home screen.

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Update: I now also rock LineageOS on my OnePlus 7.
I was about to go with DivestOS, but after two failed flashes and one brick, i still couldn’t get it working.

Running a Pixel 3 XL on GrapheneOS but will soon go back to CalyxOS due to longer life :+1:

Update: Switched over to GrapheneOS



Pixel 5 with CalyxOS. I like it a lot, I find it easy to use, and I really like the degree of control it gives me over the functionality.

Also the spoofing random MAC addresses on WiFi, and auto-turning off WiFi and Bluetooth if I don’t connect make me feel really secure.

CalyxOS on two Pixel 4XLs. One with a sim and one without. The one without was set up by Above Phone.