What phone are you all rockin?!

Running CalyxOS on a Pixel 6, share your beauty shots :stuck_out_tongue: (No shaming! iPhones, Stock Android, all are welcome)


I have a mata (Essential PH-1) that I have been bad about updating :upside_down_face: (I deserve to be publicly shamed)

I really ought to put DivestOS 19 on it.


Wow Henry, dope phone cover! Love it.
I personally still use my OnePlus 7 with the stock ROM and some tweaks like the disabled sensors button added.
My goal is also to get an Pixel 6/6a and either put calyx or graphene on it, don’t know yet. The reason why i haven’t ordered a new Phone yet is that i barely use a phone in general, like 30 min a day on average.
My OnePlus is still way more enough for the things i do so it would be kinda wasteful to buy a new phone just because of that.


I haven’t had the chance to test Divest yet, but heard great things! Definitely let the forum know what your experience is like if you test it.

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Good on you for avoiding the new phone market. Happy to say that my Pixel 6 was purchased used :slight_smile: And the case is compostable!


I’ve also got DivestOS installed on my old OnePlus 2, to test it out, it actually works pretty good the time i tested it, i just got a bit confused trying to install migroG or rather the signature spoofing part…it needs to be enabled when building the ROM or sth? so i couldn’t get that working.

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Correct, you have to build the ROM yourself. There’s one specific flag that has to be changed in the source code to enable signature spoofing/microG support.

Trying Olauncher on my Pixel 6.


me on my phone 6 .-.
bro iphone doesn’t let you do shi

Got an iPhone 13 Pro. Thought I wouldn’t miss Android but I do.

This was just an opportunity to show off your new camera, right?

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I have a iPhone 13 & 7 with open source apps and tweak settings for maxium privacy and security. I also have a google pixel 5a with custom rom on it for ultra privacy.


You took the time and money to get one congrats

What version iphone is that.

That’s a Pixel 6 and an iPhone 13 Pro.

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Pixel 6 running CalyxOS :sunglasses:


The face when people use pixel 6 phones and you are merely on android 6… at least it has a back that you can remove… right :)?

LG G4 in its natural habitat, captured by a LG G5


I got a oneplus 6T with a case that I really should replace soon

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Main Phone = Stock Pixel 5a with most all Google services disabled. I run Google Fi - so have to have some.
Standby / Test Phone - Pixel 3 with CalyxOS,


Iphone 12 pro. Unfortunately I am still a broke college student so I don’t want to invest in having another phone.