What Os Should I Use For A New Phone

Am will be getting a new phone soon and was wondering which os I should put on it. I was thinking about graphene os, linage os, and calyx os. I was wondering which one comes out on top for privacy and security.

The Absolute best one is Graphene os followed by Divest os then Calyxs and finally Linageos


Graphene only supports google pixel devices right?

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Correct. I would agree though that GrapheneOS would be the best option


I really wouldn’t use Lineage, it critically lacks support for nowadays basic security features and it actually still connects to Google Servers, I wouldn’t recommend to use this on a device that will hold your sensitive personal data. If your device only supports Lineage, you may be better off by just keeping the stock OS, uninstalling all the spyware with adb and utilizing a DNS-based blocking solution like NextDNS along with a Firewall like NetGuard.

Tell that to juice but i do agree with you that lineage is not security and not very private

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Lineage is very private but it makes some connections to Google servers so it is 99% degoogled but I do agree that LineageOS has weaker security than Stock Android.

I am very happy with GrapheneOS itself. I found the community to be toxic, but there’s good videos online such as from SideOfBurritos.

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your right about that community one time I asked them to support other Phones and then they yelled at me for suggesting Those Phones I especially hate when they only support pixels because they have better security

Yeah, they could be nice about it. I guess they’re really stressed out, but I love the OS.

You’re right that the community can be really toxic, although I recently had to deal with Daniel Micay on GitHub and he actually seemed kinda nice, I don’t understand why there is this war between Calyx, Techlore and Graphene, it doesn’t benefit anyone, it only weakens the Privacy and Security community. But I do actually understand that they only want to support Google Pixel devices, GrapheneOS’ focus is not to make an OS for everyone, but an OS for the highest level of security. Only with a secure element like the Titan M2 that can be found on a Pixel, GrapheneOS is able to compete with the security of an iPhone, or even be more secure.


Your best option for privacy and security is GrapheneOS, in my opinion. Note that you will need to puchase a carrier unlocked Pixel phone in order to use GrapheneOS.

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With respect to LineageOS, where I find it most useful is with older Android devices that are no longer receiving system updates from their manufacturers.

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this is great in all but since I bought it through at&t would that cause any problems with the install?

I suspect that it may well be a problem for you. See the following from the GrapheneOS web installer instructions:

You need one of the officially supported devices. To make sure that the device can be unlocked to install GrapheneOS, avoid carrier variants of the devices. Carrier variants of Pixels use the same stock OS and firmware with a non-zero carrier id flashed onto the persist partition in the factory. The carrier id activates carrier-specific configuration in the stock OS including disabling carrier and bootloader unlocking. The carrier may be able to remotely disable this, but their support staff may not be aware and they probably won’t do it. Get a carrier agnostic device to avoid the risk and potential hassle. If you CAN figure out a way to unlock a carrier device, it isn’t a problem as GrapheneOS can just ignore the carrier id and the hardware is the same.

Yes it is a problem return that phone immediately and buy an unlocked one

I know when I was installing gOS, it required me to connect to the internet before I could unlock the bootloader. It’s bullshit and I wish Google would stop doing this crap. Other than that, I’d say it’s been a good OS and I’m happy using it.

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I tried it as well and its really frustrating having to plug my pixel in my laptop and after those Many Errors i finally Downloaded Graphene os and its amazing