What made you change the search engine you have right now?

I’m currently using Startpage, but I hope I don’t get any problems using a VPN.

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Update to this comment

Kagi requires you to use an account even with free versions. The free version includes only 50 searches per 30 days… They also say:

It costs us about $1 to process 80 searches.


Our own index of the finest results augmented by the results from the best search engines on the market.

And a friend of mine:

well with a vps for 5$ a month, the one i currently have, with nothing else running on it, and having a db ready like they have, i could potentially do hundreds of thousands of searches depending how optimized the search code is, if not even more.

Which leads me to believe that their statement about cost either is not true or they are unimaginably inefficient with their resources.

Their service also runs on Google Cloud Platform, so there is trust in GCP as well. Kagi (just like any popular search engine) makes no claims about encrypting your user account on their servers and Kagi makes no claims about what is/isn’t logged by Google Cloud Platform either so theoretically and practically, google can see what you search for (because an unencrypted copy of the search request has to exist on the server in order to get processed), your payment information, email, and so on.

@anon33963123’s update on the matter:

I can’t find any definitively egregious issues in terms of privacy, but it’s anyone’s guess what GCP is or isn’t logging. The use of Discord is very questionable for a company that claims to respect your privacy. There being no sign of a PGP key for the “security contact” or the email in /.well-known/security.txt reminds me of the infamous Panera Bread incident and leads me to question whether Kagi can actually be trusted to secure your account and financial information. In terms of features, sure Kagi seems to bring some neat innovations to the table, but the price tag and supposed infrastructure costs are absolutely astronomical compared to the cost of self-hosting a metasearch engine like SearXNG (of which many instances are publicly available for free).


I just use searxng

The instance I use is https://paulgo.io/search


I was google search engine up til I decided to cut down on using google services, so I switched to duckduckgo and sometimes use Brave. I do prefer the results from duckduckgo but brave search is the smarter way to go to avoid reliance on microsoft (since ddg uses bing).

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I’m currently using Brave Search, because I decided to migrate from DuckDuckGo after Techlore pointed out the issue with duckduckgo’s reliance on big tech.


DuckDuckGo for more private Bing results. Startpage for more private Google results.

I think you can’t go wrong with most options that are offered because you’re reducing the amount of data Google or Bing get on you. There’s no reason to even be uniform across browsers. I typically have defaulted to DDG, but if I pull up my Brave browser, I leave Brave Search as the result with no problems.

At the end of the day, you can always just google it if you don’t get the results you want. By using other search engines, you’re reducing the data you give to other companies overall and help improve these other services through your usage.


I used to use DuckDuckGo after I started degoogling, but now I’m not really sure about them anymore. Startpage is what I have mainly been using now. (Brave search also looks promising)

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I’m in the process of moving to searx. I’ve lost most of my trust in DDG and like how searx blends results together.


I use pretty much all kinds of search engines. From Google to Duckduckgo to some niche, obscure ones. Mostly because I need to do a hell lot of research, and I just can not restrict myself due to privacy reasons.

The problem with privacy-respecting search engines is that they usually do not provide as good service as Google does. There are some services like Yandex, that can rival with Google when it comes to some features (image recognition in this case) but those decent alternatives are usually not privacy friendly.

Honestly, if you care that much, I think that it would me much more convenient to simply take advantage of bookmarks and perhabs have a separate browser/browser profile/container to isolate different types of your searches.

It is very easy to do in firefox with container tabs extension.

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Isn’t brave search open source?

I am using brave search just to “punish” ddg after the censorship controversy. I feel that besides a custom searxNG instance (which I haven’t tried so I don’t know how good it would be) all sarch engines will be bad (Of course google being the worst).
I tried the “blonde braids” test Menstal Outlaw showed in one of his recen ddg videos on a few shearch engines and none gave me good results.

So yeah… still searching

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I don’t think so, but why does it even matter if it is? The end user has absolutely no way to verify what code is running on the server.


I encourage you to read the responses to that thread.

I like Brave Search due to the amount of instant answers that it has, a bit like in Google. It is the best Google replacement and seems to keep getting better

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before i used duckduckgo, but when it start censorship news i swap to brave search and the “discussions” feature is really good…

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search results are pretty good with a decent amount of privacy

and sometimes

use them interchangeably based on the results they provide

After watching BYE DUCK DUCK GO, here’s my new search engine! Private Alternatives to Google I tried Ecosia and I have been content with the search results and I appreciate that the settings are simple and easy to understand.

I also continue to utilize Brave Search, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and Startpage.

Quick opinions on the ones I’ve used the most:


  • Results are often irrelevant to what I’m looking for and borderline useless when I’m searching for local (non US) results.


  • Decent results of course - being from Goolag. Used them for quite some time but stopped doing so earlier this year as I’ve been seeing a lot more captcha and similar puzzle requests to complete a search. Not worth the effort and time.


  • If configured well it can be quite decent. Use it as a second alternative at the moment. Instances are kind of hit and miss. Nevertheless thankful of its existence.

This is what I’m using now. Good option if you’re looking for something similar to Searx (you can tailor your results). Much better out-of-the-box results than Searx.

Privacy wise, I think it’s difficult to top a trusted instance of Searx. However it needs some personal configuration to work well. If you’re a privacy novice, and have been using Google, I think Startpage and Presearch serve as decent alternatives. Going from Google to DDG or another independent search engine can be quite frustrating, and whilst SP and PS still send data to Google, I would rather people use those two than Google itself.

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Well I left google for duckduckgo. Then news came out about their practices. So I started using Brave search. I am looking for something better as Brave results aren’t that great and seem rather monotone or political issue searches.

I remember on YouTube around 2019, duckduckgo was premoting 5 reasons to switch search engines.
This one I believe.

After that, I was on board and my privacy adventure begun.