What is your favorite video SCI-FI series?

Anyone have a sci-fi series they could recommend to me?

x-files bro, all day every day!

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Not a series, but the movie Life. Bit gory though.

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Right now, it’s probably The Orville. It’s character driven, like with ST:DS9. It’s exploratory, like ST:TNG. It’s political, like all good sci-fi, and unlike modern ST, doesn’t feel like it’s too ham-fisted. It did have a bit too much comedy in S1, but it’s overall been a good watch. Is it better than old Trek… that’s debatable, and depends on taste, and the series in question (Original, TNG, Voyager, DS9, they’re all very different). Is it better than new Trek? Absolutely.

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@Blurb5778 The Orville - first season was amazing. Second was ok, third is kind a trash CGI fest. No jokes, no satire, trying too hard to be Star Trek, characters are kind a boring (with few exceptions).

Tv shows

  • Older Trek (DS9, TNG, even VOY)
  • Strange New Worlds - it’s really really good. After years it’s finally Trek again.
  • The Expanse - fantastic sci-fi
  • Snowpiercer (mainly first season)
  • Westworld (first season - the rest is garbage)
  • Timeless was fun, but cancelled after 1 season
  • Counterpart
  • The Boys


  • The man from Earth
  • The Moon
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Contact
  • Edge of Tomorrow

anything good in this list?

  • Mister Robot
  • Love Death Robots
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Black Mirror

Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex


Has anyone ever seen BlackMagic99?

star trek (next generation was my first)… I’m watching right now Start trek enterprise and the Orville

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I’ve gotta recommend Severance, easily my favorite show of the year. From your list, Black Mirror and Love, Death & Robots are also both quite good.

Saw these mentioned earlier in the thread and I’d recommend them as well -
The Expanse is among the best sci-fi series ever made and Mr. Robot is top-notch too. If you want something involving space travel and other planets - watch The Expanse. If you want something taking place on earth, go with Mr. Robot.

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