What is up, fellow nerds

What’s up? How is your day going?

Literally just Hi.


Hello, my day has been going fine. literally just been chillin all day lol.

Fantastic, thanks for asking. I hope yours is going well.

Not so great, but tomorrow looks better.

Keep your head up and I hope you feel better.

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Hi! Doing fine, just got on the forum! Hope you’re doing great.

Literally just sky :upside_down_face:
day went pretty swell

just chillin rn cuz why not :) hi

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Well thanks for asking, im doing fine!

Hey @Reinin, doing great. Just chilling in general.
Hope yours is as well!

Hey bud! I seem to have destroyed my back a few days ago doing work in the garden. BUT! That gives me a great excuse to spend the weekend playing Resident Evil 8 which was on sale 50% off :smiley:

i’m alive!
happy this forum exists but too intimidated to talk pretty much anywhere in fear that i will be adding nothing to the conversation, ^^;


I can feel you. I know that intimidating effect forums have pretty well myself. Usually, I just give it some time, maybe participate here and there if I have something to say or just feel like sharing my thoughts (like in this case). Forums always give that impression there should be only “formal” and “proper” discussions, more so any technical forums, I would say. However, if I am not mistaken, it is not necessarily the only content welcome here. As far as I can say, there are plenty of people who would enjoy just chatting in chit-chat and random topics such as this. (Please, correct me if I am wrong.)

Most importantly, as long as it is not against the rules of this forum, I would just try to have some fun and maybe learn something new here and there. Wish you all the best. See you around.

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My day is decent hope yours is good