What is the best way to use social media without losing privacy

Hello techlore I know the question has been repeated alot but I want to know how can we use Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok/Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/ and YouTube without losing our privacy by the way I use the official websites with the Brave browser so tell me your opinions on This Discussion


Best way is not to use them at all. Which is obvious.

But if you have to(?) I would recommend.

  • use alternative frontends (where available) without an account
  • if you need an account - create new ones with unique email address for every each of them (created through VPN and different locations) and fill with fake data - consider these accounts expendable
  • try not to post any specific information about yourself
  • no apps, just PWA from the browser
  • uBlock origin + custom filters (I use it even with Brave shield)
  • consider if you really need all of them …

Assuming you need to use an account and the official front-end for whatever reason:

  • Use an alias email address for signup
  • Provide them as little personal info as possible
  • Only access the site in a browser with a tracker blocker (uBO, etc.) enabled
  • On mobile, use PWAs, not the native apps
  • Use a VPN to spoof your IP
  • Consider using a separate browser profile when accessing the service

Thanks Gunther I all ready use Simple Logins and proton vpn also how do we make TikTok less worse then the rest of social media and I don’t even give them my number at all costs except Twitter and YouTube

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Firstly, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your content and interact with you on the app. You can also limit the amount of data TikTok collects from you by turning off certain permissions such as access to your microphone, camera, and contacts.

Use a VPN.

I also recommend to enable a screen time limit for TikTok because it is an very addictive platform.

You can use NextDNS to block most (if not all) trackers present in the app itself.

Don’t use your real name if you want.


thanks rolls your awesome also hope you can find a way to use my second burner phone number instead of my main number

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You can use SMSPool to get a verification phone number. It is VERY cheap and you can pay with Monero. I personnally use it and i’m very happy with it.

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can I use their app too or the website is better but alas sms pool is still an amazing sms service and the best one I seen since 2015

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You can use both but I prefer the website which is less buggy than the mobile app in my opinion.

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thanks again man


but I will leave this discussion open for everyone else who wants to discuss about it

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Be advised that google and fbook have an agreement to share phone numbers with each other. So using a ph# for youtube by extension gives it to facebook. I do not know if twitter is or was in on that exchange.

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Do you have any evidence of this sharing agreement?

But here’s the thing I tried using VoIP but they don’t accept it at all hence why I used my phone number

my general advices:

avoid giving your phone number
try to give no email or a email allias
you could use a vpn to hide your ip
use the browser version
if you only need to read it then avoid singingup
clear cookies regularly
if really inprivate use a different browser
turn all privacy features on that protect you (for security i would also advise looking at the security settings)

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thanks we’ll done there I already turned on all the privacy settings and enabled 2fa as well and for my phone number I will get a second burner number later

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Try some some open source frontend websites / clients:

  • For Tiktok : use the open source frontend website Proxitok, For me, My favorite instance is this one as Aosus.org are trustworthy for me.

  • For Twitter : use Nitter which is an open source frontend website and i recommend this one or you could use Fritter ¹ if you don’t want to sign in or Twidere X ².

  • For Facebook : the only option here is Frost which is an open source frontend client ³.

  • For Instagram : there is no open source options unfortunately :confused:, Only PWA is available.

  • For Youtube : there are many options, Like frontend foss clients like Newpipe for and some others on F-droid or you can use Piped or Invidious as both of them are frontend open source websites and the one i recommend is this one.

  • For Reddit : The best two options are Infinity and Stealth, Or you could use the frontend open source website Libreddit and like usual i recommend this ⁴.

  • For Snapchat : there is no option to use it in a way that is good for privacy and security. (As i know)

And finally, All of these apps are foss and available for android as i don’t own any apple product, Sorry🙁.

P.s ¹ - Fritter has no sign in option and is working like newpipe but for twitter.
² - if you want to sign in so Twidere is where to go.
³ - Frost is the only updated Facebook open source client for now.
⁴ - Infinity requires signing in but Stealth doesn’t.


Thanks for your efforts helping me but Twidere has stopped working for me because Twitter banned the api


Infinity doesn’t require signing in. You can totally have an anonymous account on infinity.

Using Infinity v 5.4.1


It was in the Jedi Blue leak