What Is The Best Way to make a Self-Hosted Security System?

I would like to set up cameras that save the footage if motion is detected locally. I’ve heard good things about “motioneyeo” on raspberry pi’s but it seems there is still an issue with scalpers grabbing them all up and selling the zero for over $100. Would also like an interface where all cameras can be seen at once because I have a screen that is currently not being used and maybe this could be a good use for it.

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You can buy a used 2-bay Synology NAS, and some cheap IP cameras, Synology has out-of-the-box software for connecting cameras, so they use the NAS as storage.

We don’t use it for live surveillance, but all motion from each camera is stored on the NAS, and you can access the video files with Windows file sharing, HTTP, SSH, etc.

Synology can run most PHP software if you want to use a front-end, and if you add VPN to your network, you should have a very safe way to view the video from the cameras.


See if you can buy a Pi from a certified retailer:

I have NextCloud hosted on a Pi 4 and it works great! Very low power usage but more than powerful enough (I did go overkill and buy the 8GB RAM model!)

I have checked the country I am in, and near country, and “Rest of the world” category but it is out of stock everywhere and has been for over a year now. The only ones not sold out or with extremely long lead times are the Pico and 1 kit for a Pi 4 1GB for $200

I have an old computer I am running Linux on and can vnc into it but I thought IP cameras had lots of security issues? I am fine with running wires for the cameras to go directly to the laptop and eliminate them from being directly connected to the internet and the footage will be stored on a USB drive. I don’t mind reinstalling an OS on that laptop and solely making it just for processing, encoding and that having a gui I can access from another computer on the same network with credentials. I don’t really understand the usefulness of a NAS if 5TB portable HDDs exist (I have a lot and they are organized by colour).

That sucks… anything on Amazon or Ebay?

IP cameras are not secure if you expose them to the internet, but in terms of physical security, there isn’t much difference.

You can jury-rig an old laptop, raspberry pie and usb drive, but an $100 used NAS can do the same, and store the video on raid1

Amazon the Pi Zero 2 W is a monstrous $160 and it seems it will stay that way for quite a while according to a review. It seems I will have to wait until APR-JUN if I don’t want to pay for this outlandish pricing.

Lowest price of a NAS I could find was $200 without hard drives and $400 with 2 2TB drives. How would I be able to set up the IP cameras so that they are secure? Would connecting a POE switch to the laptop and connecting the cameras to that switch make it only accessible on that laptop and allow me to view the cameras on that device from another computer on the local network and write to the drive?

I forgot to add those prices don’t include shipping cost or import fees.