What is the best gaming Linux distros for low end laptops

Hello again so what gaming Linux distros do you recommend for low end labtops mine is an HP stream with a i3 Intel chip so which is better than fedora for my use Case hope you amazing friends figure it out

Linux Mint XFCE and Manjaro XFCE might be good for you.

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I want them to be privacy respecting as well but alas they are very nice choices

Fedora XFCE spin or Vanilla version whichever suits you.

Fedora XFCE spin


Fedora Vanilla


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ok thanks bluehawk but does this fedora spin distro play games fine or do I need to use wine

Wine is a compatibility tool, that allows you to run Windows Applications on Linux. Proton is a very modified version of Wine, which is focused on gaming. If there is no Linux Version of a game available, you have to use Wine/Proton, no matter what distribution you are on.

but tell which distro you recommend for me then if fedora is for non gaming

Garuda Linux is specifically made for gaming. It’s great because it allows you to easially download Game Launchers, Compatibility Tools, Emulators and other Utilities from the Garuda Gamer application. It also takes care of drives, etc. and has some optimizations specifically for gaming. It’s also pretty easy to use and noob-friendly.
You said that you run weaker hardware, so I would recommend the more lightweight Xfce Edition or Mate Edition

Thanks but is it secure enough for my case and is also privacy respecting

To be honest, I would try either Fedora or Nobara to start and see where that takes you. Most distros let you run the OS in a live environment before you install, so you can use that session to test your hardware and make sure it works.

Fedora is the one of the main recommendations for Linux in general and from a security perspective. Nobara is Fedora-based and bakes in some gaming related things out of the box. Try the KDE versions if you think that Gnome might be too slow, though to be honest even Gnome could end up working alright.

However, keep in mind that the advantage that one distro may have over another is mostly due to what they preinstall. So it might come with Steam, Lutris, and other things out of the box but there could be more set up for you to do after. What makes gaming on Linux work is the Proton compatibility layer, so unless you are trying to play a Linux native game, you will be dealing with Proton. Shouldn’t be a problem, but don’t be surprised that it comes up.

Last note: Fedora can do gaming, you just have install the apps and stuff. It’s like how you can game on Windows if you install Steam.

Depends on what games you want to play. If you want to play something Windows specific, you will need to use Wine. Alternatively you could use Bottles form Flathub which requires little effort to set up.


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Garuda: They use Chaotic-AUR which automatically and blindly compiles packages from the AUR. There is no verification process to make sure that the AUR packages don’t suffer from supply chain attacks.

-From privsec.dev

Installing Garuda is not the best choice in terms of security. Also Arch breaks things a lot so there is that.

So is pop os great then or do I stick with fedora

It’s your choice. PopOS isn’t the best choice soccer it lags behind updates. Also it has some usability problems. My recommendation is Fedora since it’s professionally maintained(not a hobby project), good security and privacy by default, switches to Vanilla defaults with minimal changes, adopts newer technologies (fsverity) sooner than others.

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ok thanks I will try fedora kde later

I forgot to show you My laptop

Here it’s hp stream diamond white

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Off topic: that’s the quickest pic in the west lol

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I live in ksa middle east also can you still Help here or not

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Great news guys i finally decided to use fedora kde spin and pop os thanks for staying with me to the end

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