What is the best firewall app for android?

Iam looking for a firewall app on android and there are many options like NetGuard, TrackerControl, InviZible Pro and Karma Firewall.

What i really want in the chosen firewall is:

  • Being able to block app from connecting to the internet on mobile data or wifi or both.
  • Controling the ability of apps to connect to LAN network.
  • Stoping trackers or have another app to stop it. (Need suggestions please).
  • Having the ability to use DOH built-in.

P.s i don’t have a custom rom and it is so hard to have it in my country unfortunately.

Would you kindly help me finding the best of them all?

Hello L you can use rethinkdns it’s an all on one app That has a dns resolver a firewall and censorship circumvention glad i can help you

Rethinkdns is by far the best firewall, though you can switch off internet connectivity in android itself for apps.

And NetGuard or my go to.