What is the best exif apps for deleting Metadata

Hello again techlore sorry for the long absence I need help finding the best exif apps for images and videos on Android iOS and PC so which apps do you recommends for photos and videos that will also remove meta data but don’t loses quality of the original image/video

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I just use Signal, since it’s already installed everywhere

I don’t mean a messaging app I need an app that removes metadata like imagepipe but for videos and photos

For computer, you can use ExifCleaner. It removes EXIF metadata from videos and images and many other file types. It is also open-source.
It is only available for desktop computers. I don’t know if it’s still maintained.

For Android, I think there are a lot apps doing that on F-Droid.

For iOS, I really don’t know…

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There are the apps @rollsicecream mentioned and on iOS and iPadOS, there is Metapho.

It isn’t open-source, but I would recommend it due to the lack of open source exif data deletion apps on iOS and iPadOS (at least to my knowledge) and I consider it to be privacly-friendly according to their privacy policy:

“[…] Metapho has no server component. We don’t want your personal information. All by-product data related to operation of the app remain local and will be deleted if you remove the app. The app does not contain third party analytics. […]”

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Consider looking for your needed tools in the above website first and then ask for specifics since that way we could save everybody’s time.

The problem is that OP wants an application that supports images and VIDEOS but the problem is that it’s really rare (at least for me) to find one that supports them and that is open-source and respectful of users’ privacy.

Its ok even if the programs are closed source at least they have to be privacy respecting

“scrambled exif” is what is installed on “some privacy os phones”
i have never got into it because a good cam program will let you take photos without metadata being propagated in the firstplace.
this is a topic i do not know much about. ironically i have been doing it for a long while without realizing it has apps to do the work for me. i am defiantly here to learn.

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ExifCleaner is best for windows, for IOS the best is Metapho, it’s closed source but the company has likely good security, they claim they collect no data and haven’t been caught on that, and have many users. Metapho - Zininworks

So, you can use ExifCleaner on your computer (whether it is Windows, macOS or any Linux distro).

For iOS and iPadOS, you can use Metapho.

For Android, you can use ExifEraser (on F-Droid) but it doesn’t support deleting EXIF metadata from videos.

Exif-Eraser is also on Accrescent

I think what @Shinto_One was referring to, is sending the image to yourself on Signal and re-downloading it. Doing this will in fact strip out any metadata, but it’s not exactly the most convenient method.

Hello and nice to see you again!
Answering your question, There are two options i completely recommend, First one is for images which is Scrambled Exif and the second one is for videos (can be also used for images too) which is FFShare

P.s both are for android

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Thanks for your help man you’re a life saver

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You are welcome bro